Villa in Dubai Has Underwater Bedrooms That Give Guests Complete View of Life Under the Sea


For those who are looking for a sun-kissed destination for their summer hideaway, there’s an islet in Dubai you’ll find more than perfect. Two miles off the beach of Dubai is a breathtaking holiday villa called Floating Seahorse. The place has underwater bedrooms and bathrooms with glass walls, which will let you have a complete view of the undersea life.

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The company is planning to build more than 125 floating villas, and each cost about $3.2 million. The villas will be linked to an artificial island named Heart of Europe.

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This is how the inside of the floating villa’s lone bedroom looks like. It is submerged halfway in the water. The largest villas have three levels within a 4,000 square feet area. In the first level, the underwater level, you’ll find the master bedroom, bathroom, and a guest room with a connected bathroom.

The middle level is sea level. You can find the living room, dining room, kitchen, and another bathroom here. In the third level, guests can do sunbathing there. Also in the upper level are external shower, kitchenette, and mini bar. There’s also a ladder for climbing in and out of the ocean.

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