Here are the World’s 25 Scariest Waterslides …What a RUSH!

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Want a thrill for your summer? Why don’t you try these waterslides that’ll definitely give you a thrilling and exhilarating time? A ride on one of these will stay with you for an indefinite time. These waterslides are worlds apart, some are from Canada, South Korea, and others can only be found in  India. But despite being far from each other, they share one feature: they can give you an epic and terrifying experience. So here are the twenty-five of the world’s scariest waterslides! Don’t forget to choose one and visit it!

The Cyclone, World Waterpark (Canada)

You won’t have time to prepare for this one. Once you enter the capsule, the floor will be opened suddenly, causing you to plummet straight down before going through a loop. It’s so sudden that it will leave you excited and terrified at the same time.


Boeing 747, Evergreen Wings and Waves Water Park (McMinnville, Oregon)

This Oregon aviation museum thought up of something that was really amazing—they added a water park that has a slide that passes through a real Boeing 747 stationed on the roof. They really took it up a notch.

AquaLoop, Samsung Everland Park (South Korea)

This dual-tubed slide shoots you from sixty feet up and through a 360-degree loop. You can find this slide on Everland Theme Park.

World Waterpark (Alberta, Canada)

The first item in the list is just one of the giant slides in this water park in Alberta; it has more to offer. The World Waterpark has a giant wave pool, a surf simulator, zip-lines, and looping waterslides. This amazing water park can be found under the glass arches of the West Edmonton Mall, and it provides a very unique and aquatic indoor experience.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Orlando, Florida)

The Big Thunder allows you and three of your buddies to ride a clover-shaped raft. You all will then be sent down a dark, rumbling tunnel. By the time you reach the tunnel’s end, the raft will take you down to a broad funnel where you will slide further down.


Head-First Racer, Chimelong Water Park (China)

The Head-First Racer is a waterslide that has eight different tubes so sliders can battle it out and see who’s the fastest one. You can find this terrific waterslide in China.

Wildebeest, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (Santa Claus, Indiana)

Don’t underestimate Indiana because they’re utilizing cutting-edge innovation to provide you with an amazing vacation. The Wildebeest uses hydromagnetic linear induction technology to accelerate rafts uphill through the longest multiperson waterslide in the world.

Leap of Faith, Atlantis Paradise Island (Nassau, Bahamas)

A truly fitting name for a truly amazing waterslide. With a pool full of sharks, you’ll definitely need the faith and strength to shoot down 60 feet, then zoom through a transparent tunnel.

Jumeirah Sceirah, Wild Wadi Park (Dubai)

This is an amazing way to add extra thrills before you’ve even slid down. This is a capsule-based slide but with a twist. Once you’re inside the capsule, you’ll have no idea when the trap door at your feet will open and pull you down. True enough, the dread of anticipation is strong with this one. wild-wadi-rides-jumeirah-sceirah-final-hero

Summit Plummet, Disney’s Blizzard Beach (Orlando, Florida)

The Blizzard Beach in Orlando has a mountain-themed waterslide that has a 120-foot drop and will accelerate you to nearly 60 miles an hour. You get only two things from this: excitement or fright, there’s no in between.


Ho Tay Waterpark (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Ho Tay Waterpark offers a haven for those who are trying to cool down and fight off the blazing sun. It’s simply an amazing water park that has a dozen of waterslides, wave pool, and lazy rive.

Công viên - Hồ Tây - Park

Siam Waterpark (Canary Islands, Spain)

Surrounded by water, studded with palm trees, and ringed by beaches, the Canary Islands are actual islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s where you can find the Siam Waterpark, which has a range of Thai-themed wave pools, rapids, and waterslides.

Giant Slide (China)

You might be thinking that this is just another ordinary winding tube slide where you’ll just simply ride a ring-shaped raft and pass through uneventfully. However, your raft will suddenly accelerate as it passes through numerous drops, and it will burst into the open and slide up a curving slope. That’s quite a twist they added there.

Bulletbowl, Beijing Watercube Water Park (Beijing, China)

The Bulletbowl drops you down a tube and sends you through a series of tight corkscrews. You can find this water-themed ride, along with other rides, in Beijing’s iconic water cube pool complex in China.

Area 47 (Ötztal Bahnhof, Austria)

The Area 47 water park has looping slides, high-dive platforms, and a type of inflatable water catapult practice known as blobbing. It may not be the same as the gravity-fueled extreme sports on the rocky Alps, but it will definitely give the same amount of adrenaline.



Master Blaster Water Coasters, Wild Wadi Water Park (Dubai, UAE)

This waterslide defies and challenges gravity itself, and it may just affect your sanity because of its impossibly thrilling feature. The palm resort’s four water coasters utilize trickery and water jets to make you slide up its many slopes.

Tantrum Alley, Wild Wadi Water Park (Dubai, UAE)

This waterslide is not for those who have a weak stomach. Why? Because your four-person raft will go through a series of tornadoes and drops that will really churn your belly.

Twister and Speedy, Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa (Austria)

Nowadays, water parks are aware that there are different needs for waterslide afficionados. This Austrian park offers two options: A 663-foot Twister, which is one of Europe’s longest enclosed slides, and the 75-foot drop, which is the speedier and more exhilarating option.

Insano (Fortaleza, Brazil)

The Insano has a height of 135 feet, and it has reigned as the tallest waterslide in the world since 1989. You don’t even have to know Portuguese to know what the name means.

Summit Tower, Calypso Park (Canada)

The Summit Tower has a lot of options to meet the needs of its customers. It has slides ranging from the high and fast to the low and slow, having a total of ten waterslide options. Go ahead and venture in the numerous levels of this colossal slide.


Epic Plunge, Norwegian Cruise Line

This 200-foot waterslide is the only bowl slide at sea. How and why is that even possible, you ask? That’s because the Epic Plunge is situated on a cruise ship. That’s right, a cruise ship.

Schlitterbarn Water Park (Kansas City)

The Verrückt has a seventeen-story downhill drop and a five-story uphill climb, which is taller than Niagara Falls. We don’t have to say more. We know that that description alone is enough to build some thrill.

King Cobra (New Jersey)

Yes, it is a coiled, serpent-themed slide, which is painted in white, black, and brilliant red; and by the end of the slide, you’ll be shot out into a bowl-shaped corner that looks like a cobra’s hood. This might just be scarier than a real snake.


Scorpion’s Tail (Wisconsin)

The Scorpion’s Tail is ten stories high and 400 feet long. It uses all the momentum you’ll be acquiring while sliding it only to send you arching through a loop. It gets you up to 50 feet per second with the near-vertical drop in its first section.

Città del Mare (Italy)

At this resort, hewed from the rugged and gorgeous Sicilian coast, you can slide through a series of waterslides that will take you to the heart of Mediterranean itself.

Wow! Now wasn’t that an exciting ride? Why don’t you go ahead and visit one of these slides and experience the thrill for yourself!

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