World’s Most Dangerous Rides


For every adrenaline junkie out there, it will be hard to miss checking off amusement park rides off your list. There are numerous amusement park rides that are enough to put you off your seat and make you scream. But the reason you keep coming back for more is that sometimes the thrill overshadows the actual fear of it.

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Among these is the King Kong attraction in Bobbejaanland, Belgium. Imagine a menacing giant gorilla looking like it’s going to eat you whole as you sit helpless in a trolley. Another is Riptide, a water ride in Canada’s Wonderland. When the weather is warm, fountains shoot water up to people, soaking them in the process. To add to the thrill, the riders are spun from their seats.

There are many other theme park rides that are ready to amaze people around the world, what has been your favorite ride so far?


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