Road in China is Dug Right Through The Side of a Mountain

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If there’s a will, there’s a way—this is probably the motto the villagers in Guoliang, China, have lived by when they made the Guoliang Tunnel, which has been attracting a lot of tourists recently.

The village of Guoliang is situated away from the rest of the Huixian, Xinxiang, Henah Province of China. Because of the distance, it was hard for villagers to even have an access to the other side of the province. With almost-vertical set of 720 mountain steps, the travel was grueling and risky.

Knowing the situation too well, villager Shen Mingxin and twelve others decided to dig a tunnel through the rocky cliff. It took the group five years to finish the project and come up with the now 1,200-meter long tunnel, five meters high and four meters wide, which now serves as the main road for the villagers. This new path is apparently less dangerous.



During the time, the thirteen-person group sold their goats and some herbs to buy hammers and steel tools to be used for the task. Considered as one of the top ten steepest roads in the world, the Guoliang Tunnel is now one of the most-visited spots in the country.



Some travelers mistake the Road of Death in North Yungas, Bolivia, for the Guoliang Tunnel because of their similarities in features.

This road is entirely a product of thirteen people who wished for nothing else but convenience and less risk for their fellow villagers, and it can never be less than inspiring.


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