10 Types of Roommates You’d Rather Stay on the Streets Than Live With

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The beauty of going to college is meeting people from all walks of life. Chances are, one of them could end up being your roommate. They could range from the obsessive-compulsive to just plain strange. But don’t rule yourself out of this list too, as you just might find yourself harboring the same characteristics as one of these people.

The Ultimate Diva


The thing about divas or drama queens (and kings, for that matter) is that they seem to milk the attention out of every situation out there. They could be opening a can of pickles and whining about how unfair the world is just so they can get other people to sympathize with them.

The Strict Librarian


When these type of roommates bury themselves in a book, any slight movement you make will be a distraction. They’ll press a finger against their lips like the satirical version of a librarian, so it’s probably best to give them some space.

The Passive-Aggressive Type


People who are passive-aggressive are often hard to deal with, especially if it’s your first time to come across this archetype. Behind that sweet smile is a secretly hostile behavior. As much as it may drive you to the edge, it’s best to keep your cool and talk it out.

The Long-Distance Relationship


Your roommate can’t stop raving about her middle-school sweetheart who, after all these years, has remained loyal to her despite the distance. It may seem sweet as first, but as time passes, the story-telling just won’t end.

The Party Person


The best part about this type of roommate is that they sleep all day and barely notice you coming and going. The downside? They barge in late at night and surprise you the next day with puke on the floor.

The Emotional One


Not to be confused with a drama queen, an emotional person takes everything personally. In college, they may give you homework tip, but you can’t trust they’ll go out with you for some ice cream. They often dip their nose on a book even when finals week is over. When they don’t get that score they have continuously been aiming for, then prepare for a nervous breakdown.

The Obsessive-Compulsive


They keep everything tidy, which is a good thing. But when you find your side of the room organized too, then you may want to suggest reviewing the house rules on the importance of personal space.

The Sloppy Roommate


If you find a year old slice of pizza in your roommate’s bed, you can either call the exterminator for potential vermin or suggest they clean it up. Sloppy roommates may be the worst on this list because the way their space looks or smells can affect you the most.

The Homesick One


It’s normal to feel homesick for the first few weeks that you’re away from home, but when you have roommates who start tearing up each day about how much they miss their mom’s cooking a full year after you all moved in, then they got some serious issues.

The Heavy Humper


These people seem to have converted your room into a sleazy motel overnight. They seem to make it their personal mission to reach a certain number of midnight rendezvous before they graduate.

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