She Was Once Size 22 and Was Being Fat Shamed …Now She is a Body Building Champion


A chubby bridesmaid was embarrassed after being made fun of at her sister’s wedding because of her body weight that seemed so hard to squeeze into a size 22 dress. Sarah Oldham felt ashamed after the incident and promised herself to lose weight. After a few weeks of rigorous fitness regime, she lost 45 kg and is now 8 st 7 lb and a svelte size eight.

This is the new 32-year-old Sarah Oldman, who became a bodybuilding champion and lost nearly half her body weight.

Earlier this year, Sarah won her first competition and is proud to represent the UK in Tenerife in October.

In an interview, Sarah said, “I was a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding a couple of years ago and was mortified when I had to wear a size 22 dress. I knew I had to do something; I just wasn’t happy with my own body. At my heaviest, I was nearly 16 stone.”

One day, when she was looking at the wedding photos, she realized that she must change for the better and for herself.

Finally, Sarah, who weighed almost 16 st decided to work out and said that enough was enough.

Sarah, pictured competing, follows a strict diet of chicken, broccoli, and rice to help her stay lean and build muscles.

Sarah said, “I initially lost some weight, but the turning point was when a local gym opened near my home 18 months ago. I joined but started getting bored after 15 minutes and thought that’s me done for today.

“I had been following a few personal trainers on Facebook and Twitter for a bit of motivation and saw something about bikini fitness, which I though was quite achievable for me.”

Sarah was really motivated to compete in shows after overhauling her diet and fitness regime.

She recalled, “I got a personal trainer and soon progressed into the toned category. One of my highlights was winning Miss Toned Northants 2015. I just love the feeling of competing, let alone getting first prize.

“It was amazing. It made me realize I can achieve goals if I set my mind to it.”

Sarah lives with her 46-year-old husband, Andy, and is very happy with the change she made, dedicating herself to train for two hours at the gym five days a week.

Sarah encourages other women, especially those who have weight problems, to start lifting weights and just go for it.

Sarah’s personal trainer allows her to have a cheat day on weekends where she can eat sweet potatoes, salmon, and carbohydrates.

Sarah revealed, “You lose more weight when you have more muscle as your are burning calories. I would recommend bodybuilding training as it gives you curves.

“Even when I’m not in the gym, I’m on my exercise bike at home when I watch the TV of an evening. If I could do it full time, I would. My personal trainer lets me have a ‘re-feed day,’ which means I can have a treat in the form of 200 g of carbs. I usually have a few bowls of cereal.

“I think a lot of women are scared to go into what I call the ‘meathead’ weights area in the gym, but I would say ‘go for it.’

“Everybody has noticed a difference in my confidence since I started bodybuilding. It has really changed my life.”

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