How Adidas Has Created the 3D -Printed Sneakers from Recycled Materials

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Adidas, a giant in producing sporting goods, is showing off its new design of 3-D printed sustainable sneakers. What made it special is that it’s made from recyclable materials like polyester,fishing nets, and plastic found in the ocean.

Though they are just prototypes for now, this project, which Adidas is initiating with the help of Parley for the Oceans, introduced an ideal way to reuse waste drifting in the seas.



The 3-D printing technology is popular in the medical world. Med-techs use it to produce 3-D heart structures. Yes, it is that advanced, so don’t be surprised if the same technology will be used to make midsoles of a pair of sneakers.

This 2015, Adidas and Parley for the Oceans released an example of a pair of shoes that was manufactured using recycled waste like plastics and gillnets. The shoes were an offshoot of Adidas’s Futurecraft 3D, the company’s own 3-D-printed running shoe mid-sole designed to suit cushioning needs of anyone’s foot.








“The industry can’t afford to wait for directions any longer. Together with the network of Parley for the Oceans, we have started taking action and creating new sustainable materials and innovations for athletes,” Adidas Group executive board member who handles global brands, Eric Liedtke, said.





Adidas’s partner in the project, Parley for the Ocean, is an organization that aims to stop plastic pollution in the bodies of water, particularly the oceans. Through these projects, they want to send a message to people and encourage them to help solve the problem. One of the founding members of the organization is Adidas.


Since plastics are nonbiodegradable, they do not decompose, and so if they reach the face of the oceans, they stay there for a long time.

In the North Pacific, two large bodies of water are collectively called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch because it has plastic surface that is wide enough to cover the continental United States—twice.

This will not only affect us humans. These trash can be consumed by sea creatures and can be a serious threat to their lives, so we should be responsible enough to make sure that we dispose our waste properly.


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