16-Year-Old Sneaker Reseller Makes Millions Selling Kicks to Famous Personalities

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You think all 16-year-old kids would be busy disobeying their parents, partying all night long, and doing some reckless stuff. But Benjamin Kapelushnik lives a very different lifestyle compared to ordinary teenagers—and he can’t afford to be lazy.

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Also known as the “Sneaker Don,” Benjamin Kapelushnik is a big time sneaker reseller, and he has sold kicks to the famous Chris Brown and DJ Khaled.

At a very young age, this boy has nearly garnered a million dollars with his business. Even more amazing is that according to HypeBeast, he is still in school—but is already making a lot of cash.

This kid is surely exerting a lot of effort on his business, rather than spending time outside with his buddies like most teenagers do.

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