The Coolest and Craziest Colored Ferraris in the World!


The Ferrari is one of the most expensive cars money can buy. These luxurious sports cars range from $188,425 and go upwards of$400,000. After spending that kind of money on a car you would think people wouldn’t mess with it right? WRONG! Wealthy people all over the world are purchasing their very own Ferrari’s and completely repainting them with cool sometimes crazy colors and designs. You have to see these:

Dipped in Gold!



The Galaxy Ferrari is Out of This World!

The Pretty in Pink Ferrari!


The Purple Ferrari is Poppin!


The Ferarri Art Car!

Scroll down for videos.

The Tiffany Blue Ferrari!


Gumball 3000 2013: Ferrari 458 Spider!


The USA Ferrari!




Metallic looks RADICAL on the Ferrari!


The Rainbow Wrapped Ferrari!


The Shark Ferrari!

See these babies in action:

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