Top 4 Reasons Cuddling is Good for You and Your Partner

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Intimacy is important in a relationship. It strengthens both the emotional and the physical bond of both partners involved in the relationship.

Contrary to what most people believe, intimacy comes in several different forms, not just sex. One of the most common and non sexual forms of intimacy that is often exhibited by couples in a relationship is cuddling.

Aside from the fact that it forms a closer bond for couples, it also has amazing health benefits which include boosting your immune system and relieving your from stress. Here are the other significant reasons cuddling is good for you and your partner:

1. Cuddling is fun and less awkward. 

Cuddling is one way to getting close to someone else. It gives you an opportunity to get to know more about each other on an introductory yet deeper level without having the awkward feeling of getting immediately intimate.

2. Cuddling can be done anywhere.



Unlike sex, cuddling is quite an acceptable form of intimacy that can be done in public. It comes as a natural thing between couples, so rest assured you will not be getting any unwanted attention from the people around you.

3. Cuddling keeps the fire burning. 

It is known that cuddling plays a role in deepening one’s relationship with their respective partners. And, this is solely because it helps keep the passion burning. Cuddling offers a unique way of getting to know a person at your own respective pace. It also provides a way for both of you to get comfortable with each other at a level that you are both easy with.

4. Cuddling can also lead to other exciting activities. 



Cuddling is the perfect precursor to a more exciting activity that you and your partner would eventually want to do. Whether it’s sex or an ordinary movie date night, there is no stopping what cuddling can to to release any tension before getting right into business.

If you want to find a way to reconnect with your partner without going out to a fancy restaurant, then cuddling at home will do wonders for you.

Find out more about the benefits of cuddling in the videos below:



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