Top Seven Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

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Love comes in many different stages. The beginning will always be sweet until it reaches somewhere down the middle. However, being in a relationship is not a walk in the park and challenges do become an integral part in determining whether a relationship will either make it or not.

And as much as we want to be a part of its, there are just too many things in the relationship that is making it hard to stay any longer. Here are the top seven signs that your relationship is not working and it’s time to leave it before further damage can be done.

1.) Something doesn’t seem right, all the time.

One of the most complex signs that determine whether your relationship is not on the right path is when you feel that being with the person is not right at all. This is the definite sign that you should rethink the whole situation. If you think that this is done at the spur of the moment, you can give it some time to pass.

But if it goes on and does not wane or completely go away then you are in for some serious thinking.

2.) Your partner does not let go of the past.

Another telltale sign is the fact that relationship mistakes from the past start to resurface in the current relationship. One obvious sign is that he has not gotten over his ex or the another is that instead of letting you start fresh, he or she has the habit of reminding you constantly of your past and condemning you for it.

3.) You HAVE to make excuses to stay.

You know what is wrong in the relationship and yet to still find excuses to stay in the relationship instead of breaking it off.

4.) You both have trust issues.

Trust becomes an issue in the relationship and it causes most of the strain. One way to tell if both of you are having trust issues is that you can’t help but argue when one decides to have a night out with friends.

5.) You can’t imagine life with him or her together.

The spark is no longer there. One concrete sign that it is not there is when you plan something together and the words “When we’re still together..” comes out of your mouth.



6.) Fighting becomes a habit.

Arguments are a natural part of being in a relationship. These things happen and allows both to mature into the relationship. But if you find yourself constantly fighting rather than resolving issues, especially small and trivial ones, then you know it’s not worth it.

7.) The little things do not matter anymore.

The once sweet gestures are gone. Gone are the days when you used to do things for each other without being told. You both find yourselves independently doing things and you do not mind being away from each other even for so long.

As much as one wants to save this kind of relationship, the best thing that one can do to both save yourselves is to pull the plug on the relationship.


Here are videos that show other obvious signs that it’s time to bolt:

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