18 Places in Disney Movies That Exist in Real Life


Disney can be considered as one of the most successful mass media companies of all time, thanks to their movies and TV shows that have become part of everyone’s childhood.

If you are one of those certified Disney lovers, you must have been curious as to where the people behind these classic Disney shows get inspiration when it comes to the setting of the movies. Well, this list will give you answers.

Here are Disney movies that feature cities and towns inspired by real-life places.

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Beauty and the Beast – Alsace, France

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The Little Town Belle sang about in Beauty and the Beast is actually inspired by a real-life place—Alsace, a region in North-West France located near the country’s eastern border. The small region is a blend of French and German culture. It is said that throughout Europe’s history, Alsace is politically German.

Alsace is known for its picturesque villages and captivating architectural wonders like churches and castles. Several valleys can be found in the place, and most of its mountains are covered by its thick forests.

Up – Angel Falls, Venezuela

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If you felt jealous with Mr. Fredricksen’s air balloon adventure to Paradise Falls in the movie Up, feel sad no more because you can go there yourself as that place is actually inspired by a waterfall in Venezuela.

Angel Falls, also known as Salto Angel, has an overwhelming height of 3,212 feet, making it the highest uninterrupted falls in the world. It falls from the plateau-shaped Auyante-pui mountain.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France


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