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Life is short. No one will ever come near to spending two centuries here on earth. It was never someone’s destiny to witness everybody die and have the world for himself. We live different lives, and we take separate ways. But when we all reach the end, we all turn to ashes. That’s the rule of life. As William Shakespeare and John Fletcher noted in Two Noble Kinsmen, “The world’s a city full of straying streets, and death’s the marketplace where each one meets.” Death’s around the corner, and it’s like love, you wouldn’t know when it will come.

That is why as long as we’re alive, we have to make the most out of every day. We should do what we want and choose what the kind of life we want to live. It’s not easy because like anything else, freedom has a price. But if we can, we should. There are many things that will make this lifetime worth living, and there are more things to enjoy while we have it. Traveling around the world is one. See the entirety of the ground you are on. And to help you, here is a list of the places you have to visit before you die. it’s time to lengthen your bucket list.

Tianzi Mountains, China

Named after Xiang Dakun of the Tujia ethnic group, the farmer who led a group of farmers in their revolt and called himself “tianzi,” the Tianzi Mountain literally translates to the “son of heaven” and serves as the traditional epithet of the Chinese emperor. From atop the mountain, one can see the whole Wulingyuan Scenic Area. There was a cable car for visitors but was suspended for renovation, but there are still many things you can do in this beautiful site.

Yosemite National Park, California, USA

If you’re in San Francisco, you might as well take on a drive to this breathtakingly wondrous mountain region in east-central California. Designated as a heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, this 1,189-square mile park will surely make you see the best of nature.

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

You might have seen this in your history book and wanted to see it for yourself. Then take a trip to Al Ahram, Giza Governorate, Egypt, and see the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis. While it is of common knowledge to us the history the site hides, it is also known that it boasts a great beauty.

Positano, Italy

Though as old as your idols from the Medieval period, this village in Italy has remained scenic. Positano sits on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy, and has grown from being a port to once a poor place to being a tourist spot. It is even featured in many movies like Only You (1991) and Under the Tuscan Sun (2003).

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Another world heritage is on the list, but unlike the first few ones, the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam has a legend attached to it that will make you cringe. Its name actually means “where the dragon descends into the sea,” and people believed that the place is created by a great dragon from the mountains. When it was charging toward the sea, its tail made valleys and crevasses. When it was finally on the sea, the whole place was filled with water, leaving only the pinnacles visible. No one can tell if it’s true or not, but everyone knows that this places is a true beauty.

Tanah Lot, Bali

Although the entrance is not for free, every buck will be worth it with how astonishing this place is. It underwent a restoration when the famous rock formation in Bali, Indonesia, started to crumble, but with the help of the Japanese government, it was resolved, and the place was reopened. One-third of the rock formation is filled with artificial rock, but the natural beauty it holds still remains to be captivating.

Twelve Apostles, Australia

A religious believer of Christianity? Then you must have heard about this place. This marine national park in Australia is famous for the limestone stacks of the Twelve Apostles. It is the result of an erosion, but it turned out to be a top tourist spot.

 Meteora, Greece

One of the most significant monasteries in Greek Orthodox Monasteries and another world heritage, the Meteora in Greece, like the rest of the monasteries, was the result of an earthquake sixty million years ago. Its name means “suspended in the air.”

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Named as the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, the Angel Falls is something you will never get enough of. Just by its name, you will know that it promises a touch of paradise. With a height of 979 meters, it is locally called Kerepakupai Vená, which means “waterfall of the deepest place.”

Uluru, Australia

Known for its unique form, the Uluru or the Ayers Rock in central Australia is a large sandstone rock formation that has become a significant landmark in Australia. It is also culturally significant for the Anangu people there. It is reported to be undergoing color changes at different times of the day and year.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This 11,000-square kilometer tourist spot is the largest salt flat in the whole world. It was once a lake that went dry long time ago and left behind a desert-like area. It is now a place full of bright-white salt, rock formation. It is no home to wildlife, but pink flamingos are said to have stayed in the area.

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Though called a canyon, the Bryce Canyon is not actually a canyon but a mere collection of giant natural amphitheaters. It attracts a lot of people every time because of its natural beauty.

Bagan, Myanmar

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Being the world’s third-largest reserve of fresh water, the Perito Moreno Glacier is considered one of the most important tourist spots in the Argentinian Patagonia. It is named after the pioneer who conducted a study about the region in nineteenth century, Francisco Moreno.

Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA

You can spend the rest of your summer vacations in Texas and get refreshed with a dive in this natural swimming pool. Still considered a “hidden gem” even after some good reviews were written about it, the Hamilton Pool lies 23 miles west of Austin, Texas. It is repeatedly said that it was created some thousands of years ago when an underground river collapsed, creating the sunken grotto.


While most of the places here are just a small part of a whole country, the Azores is a whole region of beauty. It is officially an autonomous region of Portugal. It is composed of nine major islands, divided in three groups. The region is known for its natural beauty and various livelihood like dairy farming, fishing, and livestock ranching.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil

The Iguazu Falls is truly breathtaking with how the falls are arranged. The falls divide the Iguazu River into an upper and lower part. A legend has spread about the falls, saying that a deity sliced the river after the woman he planned to marry fled with her mortal lover in a canoe.

Palawan Island, Philippines

In a list like this, we just have to reserve a spot for the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines. Palawan is an island in the province of Palawan, the largest in the area. It is home to a vast number of wildlife, white-sand beaches, and jungle mountains. In 2007, it was cited by the National Geographic Traveler magazine as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

An architectural masterpiece lies in the corner of Cambodia in the name of Angkor Wat. It is the largest monument of the Angkor group and the best preserved. It is a famous tourist attraction because of its complex beauty.


Seychelles is an archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean that has 115 islands. It has the smallest population among all African states, but it takes itself at the top when it comes to natural beauty.

Make the most out of every second and every chance you get to make yourself happy. Pay a visit to these places and go back home with a memory worth keeping forever.


Here are videos of some of the beautiful places on earthy. Watch them and add some more in your list.


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