25 of the World’s Most Ferocious Waterparks


While taking a good shower time at home is refreshing enough, with the summer heat still trying to sweat the heck out of us, it is sometimes better to step out and take a dive somewhere else. Beach resorts are there; they don’t run away. Swimming pools are also a good way to freshen up.

But for those who want to add a little challenge to their ultimate summer swim, waterparks are the best choice. Since the first one was built by George Milay, waterparks have been attracting a lot of tourists too, just like the natural white-sand beaches.

Some resorts took advantage of people’s love for a thrilling swim, and they made waterparks that are not just enjoyable—scary too. We made a list of the wildest waterparks that you should visit if you are one who likes to scare yourself.

 25. Wet n’ Wild  in Orlando, Florida

Wet n' Wild Orlando

With a tag name that goes “The recognized name in family water fun,” your family will never want to go back home once they start taking a dive in this waterpark in Orlando, Florida. Expanding thirty acres wide and with seventeen different attraction waterparks, Wet ‘n Wild has been giving people the water ride of their life since March 13, 1977.

24. Chimelong Waterpark in Guangdong, Guangzhou, Panyu, China

Chimelong Water Park

Recognized for its international standards and introducing many firsts, the Chimelong Waterpark was opened in 1989, and since then, it has attracted many guests who want to make their summer vacation a little wild. You would surely make a chime-like scream when you go here.

23. Las Cascadas in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Las Cascadas Water Park
Considered the largest waterpark in the Caribbean, the Las Cascadas Waterpark opens for seven months every year to let people have a good time. It is operated mainly by the Aguadilla municipal government and  offers ten different rides.

22. Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, Texas


Described by guests as nothing less than extremely thrilling, the Sclitterbahn Waterpark in Texas is something you cannot afford to miss. It offers seventy acres of shared family fun, thrilling adventure, and relaxation. It is nestled along the banks of Coma River, and that just makes it more exciting!

21. Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool, England

Sandcastle Water Park

Situated in Blackpool, England, this waterpark will surely make your dull summer days even brighter. With more than eighteen slides, it is the largest  indoor waterpark in the United Kingdom. It houses the Master Blaster, the world’s largest indoor roller-coaster water slide. It also features fun pools, wave machines, water chutes, burger bars, and much more!

20. Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Noah's Ark Water Park
Now we have come down to the largest waterpark in the United States! While we often hear about Noah saving some creatures with his ark, this waterpark named under him will not save you from the storm, it will give you a water challenge you will never forget! It uses two million gallons of water. Sounds scary, right? But worry not because you’re pretty safe here. Their lifeguards actually won the Platinum Award from Jeff Ellis and Associates Inc. in 2006, the highest waterpark safety rating ever awarded.

19. Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown Waterpark in Spring, Texas

Even though this waterpark underwent several ownership changes, it has remained a  great attraction for its visitors. It has nine water slides and two children’s areas. Summing all its slides and attractions up, there are twenty-four of them that you can feast on. Their Space Rapid, for example, lets you travel through “space” with an enclosed tube ride.

18. Splish Splash Waterpark in Calverton, New York

Ranked by Travel Channel as the third best waterpark in the United States, Splish Splash will give you threefold of the excitement you get from ordinary waterparks. Some of its rides include the Dinosaur Falls, Lazy River, Cliff Diver, and the Dragon’s Den.

17. Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Virginia

Water Country Water Park

Get set for a dive in Virginia’s largest waterpark! Water Country USA lets you enjoy an amazing water ride, a poolside to take a rest on, and some astounding dive shows. Apparent in the photos above, Water Country USA attracts a umber of guests every year.

16. Water World in Federal Heights, Colorado

Water World Colorado
Occupying 67 acres of land, Water World in Federal Heights, Colorado, is one of the largest waterparks in America. It has nearly fifty attractions visitors can choose from. It opens from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but it is sometimes closed during schooldays. Since 1979, Water World has gone bigger and with it comes a rising popularity too.

 15. Canevaworld in Verona, Italy

Canevaworld Water Park

For three decades, the Canevaworld has been helping people to have the craziest water ride in their life. Since 2003, it houses the only movie theme park in the whole of Italy. With a long, thrilling slide, online reviews of the Canevaworld could be summed up to one word—insane.

14. Wet n’ Wild Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, North Carolina

Wet n' Wild Emerald Pointe

Uses three million gallons of water, it is considered the twelfth-largest waterpark in the United States.  It has thirty-plus rides, and the Daredevil Drop, one of the America’s tallest water slides, is one of them. According to Amusement Business magazine, the tenth-highest annual attendance among American water parks is recorded in Emerald Pointe.
13. Aqualand in France

Aqualand French Riviera

It could be quite expensive, but reviews show that every silver coin is worth it. Because of the numerous guests they try to accommodate every time, the queues can get too long and the wait is tedious, but once you are called to take your ride, you will forget everything. Aqualand is indeed the land to be if you want an unforgettable waterpark experience.

 12. Fasouri Watermania Waterpark in Limassol, Cyprus

Fasouri Watermania Water Park

Awarded in 2012, 2013, and 2014 the Traveler’s Choice Attraction by Trip Advisor,  the Fasouri Watermania has been gaining a lot of attention since it opened in 1999. it is the biggest waterpark in Cyprus and has the biggest wave pool in Europe. In Watermania, summer will seem endless.
11. Sunway Lagoon in Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Located in the Soueast Asian country that is known for beaches and rainforests, the Sunway Lagoon is consists of five parks that house over eighty attractions. These parks include Scream Park, Extreme Park, and Wildlife Park. Guests testify that the waterpark is perfect for kids.

10. Wet n’ Wild Water World in Queensland, Australia

Wet n' Wild Water World Australia
Housing the biggest and wildest water rides in Australia, the Wet ‘n Wild Water World is pretty famous, gathering more than a million visitors every year. In 2009, it was ranked first in Australia in terms of tourists. Some of its attractions include Sky Coaster, Kamikaze, and Giant Wave Pool.

9. Aqualandia in Costa Blanca, Spain

Aqualandia Spain
Opened in 1985, the Aqualandia is the first waterpark to be opened in Spain. It covers an area of 150,000 square meters, and it is packed with different attractions you can try any time. Its water is directly sourced out from the sea, and it also has swimming pools, bathing areas, and river rapids.

8.  Raging Waters in Sacramento, San Dimas, and San Jose, California

Raging Waters California
With a name that promises a remarkable experience, Raging Waters will give you a rage in emotions once you step up and go for a slide. It is the largest water theme park in California and is located in three different locations, and each offers a different set of astonishing attractions.  High Extreme, DropOut, and Dark Hole are just three of the many attractions that can be found in Raging Waters. The owners of this theme park really did a good job in choosing names, didn’t they?

7. Sommarland in Skara, Sweden

This waterpark is located east of Skara and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Attractions like a spinning roller coaster are what you can look forward to when you visit here. The video below is a proof too that rides there can get crazier than you expected.

6.  World Water Park in Alberta, Canada

World Water Park Canada
They classified their slides to give you an idea how insane it can get before you stand there and let your body go down the seemingly endless ride. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme, and decommissioned are how they describe their water slides. Now it’s up to you which way you would want to go. Perhaps, it’s best to some self-check before you set out.

5. Adaland in Kusadasi, Turkey


With an enticing dolphin show, this waterpark will be perfect for kiddos. The slides, some tourists say, are deadly. So if you are for a very challenging summer ride, then this is the place to go.

4. Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana

Splashin Safari Water Park

Called Holiday World because it has four sections that celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July, this family-owned theme park also prides itself for a wild waterpark, something you would want to say regardless of what holiday season it is. It was named the number one waterpark in the United States by Trip Advisor in 2011.

3. Blizzard Beach in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Disney Blizzard Beach

Located in Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, the Blizzard Beach is magically promising. All water areas there are heated. It was named as the third most visited park in the world after it attracted more than two million visitors in 2014. Their Runoff Rapids are said to be literally body twisting. That’s a scary one to try.

2. Star Beach Waterpark in Hersonissos, Greece

Star Beach Crete
This deserves the second spot with its wild water slides. Located in the municipality that is near to the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, Star Beach should be the star in your bucket list if you want a feral experience to share to your friends.

 1. Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Nassau, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Looking for things to do when you visit Bahamas? Well, the Atlantis Aquaventure is begging you not to miss it. As its name suggests, it tells you that you’ll get the most insane water adventure in here. The Abyss, the Leap of Faith, and the Surge are waiting for you to take the challenge they present before you. We believe it’s named that way because you will question your faith in the world once you take this hellish ride. But if you want a thrilling summer, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

There are more ways than one to  have a vacation worth sharing and worth remembering, but what’s more unforgettable than having the most challenging water ride? These waterparks will help you answer that question.

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