5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Iceland


Iceland is not just about freezing temperatures and shiny glaciers. It is a country filled with dramatic and out-of-this world natural wonders that are nothing but magical. But aside from these spectacular phenomena, there are many more reasons you’ll be tempted to visit this tiny island nation. Here are some.

1. Arcanum Glacier Tours

Lava beaches, erupting volcanoes, and steaming geysers are just among the beautiful things you will see in Iceland. Other than that, the country has also about 4,500 square miles of glacier. Hence, it is impossible for guests to visit Iceland without walking on ice.

2. Blue Lagoon Spa

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is on the bucket list of many, not only because of its crystal blue water, nor the high water temperatures. It is because of the spectacular views with snow-covered lava rocks in various directions. According to locals, the silica- and sulfur-rich water of the lagoon has age-defying healing powers.

3. Superjeep



Iceland is a popular country for those who are hunting for the elusive northern lights. However, it has become a trend here for adventurous guests to catch the beautiful green lights dancing in skies during cold and clear winter nights while riding a 4 x 4 Superjeep.


4. Harpa

Famed for its one-of-a-kind design, the Harpa is a concert hall and conference center that features a glass-block face, which glitters and alters color. It was designed by artist Olafur Eliasson after the glacier’s interplay with light. Harpa is now home to the Icelandic Opera and Iceland Symphony Orchestra.


5. The Elf School



Though it might cause tourists to be frightened, the belief in elves is no laughing matter for locals. In a 2006 survey, 37 percent of Iceland’s population believe that elves do exist. In fact, the belief has become a part of their culture already that construction projects have been stopped so as not to cause disturbance to these little fellas. While Icelanders do not really want to comment on their beliefs, there is a place where all your questions will have answers—the Elf School in Reykjavik. It is a place where you will learn everything about these mythical creatures such as the three species of troll, three varieties of fairy, four kinds of gnome, and the thirteen types of elves.

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