Adventurer Was Able to Visit 5 Continents and 7 Countries …With Only $300 in His Pocket!


There are a plethora of travel agencies or travel web sites out there designed for you, the traveler, to get the most bang for your buck.  When it comes to international travel, you’re going to fork out some money no matter how hard you try and plan… unless you are this guy!

College student Sam Huang didn’t mess around. He planned his travel in advance and used all his frequent flyer miles to book several international flights aboard Emirates Airlines.

Huang’s first booking was a round-trip flight from New York to Melbourne. Because of his careful planning, the damage for his travels was only $300!

At the end of the day, Huang was able to visit New York City, Rome, Brisbane, Melbourne, Houston, Mauritius, and Singapore. But how did he do it with only $300?

By booking layover flights, which are cheaper, he afforded himself plenty of time to explore a country’s local sights. He walked through the jungles and explored the sand dunes. While he was in flight, he took advantage of the in-flight luxuries, such as free booze, comfortable cabins, and showers.





Obviously, this guy knows how to plan an ultimate adventure.

Watch Huang’s trip around the world below.