10 of the Coolest Cabins from Around the World

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“Cabin in the Woods” horror stories aside, cabins are actually very cozy places to stay, if it weren’t for all the films that put horror in them. Here are some of the coolest ones you would be jealous of.

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Concrete Cabin in the Swiss Alps


Constructed almost entirely of concrete, the exterior facade of this cabin has been sculpted in such a way as to make it look like wood from a distance. The architects, Georg Nikisch and Selina Walder, made the three-room abode look minimal in size and style but featured traditional elements like peaked roof lines and large windows, as well as skylight to provide natural lighting and ambiance.

Portable Cabin


The 160-square-foot portable cabin can stand on its own almost anywhere. Its cedar walls, insulated floors, and spacious interior make it a good choice, if you want to hide out for an entire season. It’s price isn’t too bad either. The cozy cabin starts at $39,900. Considering that it can withstand blizzard temperatures and can go anywhere, it’s a great steal for a vacation home.

Shipping Container Cabin, Ottawa, Canada


Built by Joseph Dupuis of Carp, Ottawa, the Off Grid Shipping Container Cabin is constructed from three  20-foot shipping containers. The 355-square-foot construction also comes insulated with heat, which is a necessity during Canadian winters. The container is also outfitted with solar panels, a wood stove, a full kitchen, shower, and room for a “future” toilet. Listed at $46,500 in 2015, this one is quite a steal.

Allandale House in Mountain West, California


The triangular cabin is designed by William O’Brien Jr. and is a modern version of a forest cabin based on an extruded A-Frame constructed for a connoisseur and her family.

Wine Barrel Cabins in Sasbachwalden, Germany


Oenophiles can find heaven in a quaint bed and breakfast in Germany, where they have giant wine barrels that are used as cabins. In each structure are two beds, a bathroom, and even a dining area.

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