These 20 Countries Are Ranked as the Happiest in the World


The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) conducted a survey based on a “Happiness Index”, which aims to rank countries based on their happiness rather than their wealth but still considered GDP and corruption as one of the prime criteria. Other factors included generosity, freedom, corruption, life expectancy, as well as support.

On this list, you will find the top 20 countries where happiness is definitely a luxury enjoyed by all. See below to find out where your home country falls:

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Denmark has retaken the top spot on this list. Turns out, the Danes have numerous reasons to celebrate their beautiful country, including scenic views and a fair government.


They may have fallen second on the list, but the Swiss have more reason to celebrate other than being known for their incredibly tasting chocolate. Switzerland has the most naturally beautiful scenery in the world, and citizens get to enjoy the freedom granted by their own government.


Iceland isn’t just a natural wonder, its government also makes sure that the people enjoy fare rates when it comes to education and employment. To top it off, Iceland is one of the few countries of this world that have low crime rates.


With per capita GDP of $54,000, Norway has single-handedly landed itself as one of the richest countries in the world. But perhaps the best thing in life comes free, as those from Norway get to enjoy a scenic phenomenon known globally as the Northern Lights.


Maybe it’s because the Finnish celebrate Santa Claus every single day for one year? Or maybe it’s because the income classes don’t exactly have a significant amount of space between each other. There isn’t really an exact reason as to why the Finnish are so happy because it’s impossible to name just one.

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