Couple Leaves Their Stable Lives Behind to Travel the World …See How They Did it!



There are no rules about what kind of adventures you should take on in life. You might often be torn between sticking to the ordinarily safe routine or to the sort of dangerously exciting kind of fun. People sometimes even quit their jobs just to find the kind of difference that will keep them going through life.

This couple from South Africa proved that adventures do not need to be extravagantly luxurious. Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger traveled to many different parts of the world after they quit their stable jobs.

On their blog “How Far From Home”, the couple posted random photos from the locations they went to that every present-day worker is probably wishing they could go to.




But the couple confessed that during the time when they weren’t on the beach in Greece, they were busy scrubbing toilets to make money.

On their blog, the couple then figured that their pictures aren’t really telling the complete story about their journey–or the real things that they are going through.

They were then inspired to tell the true color of their journey. They did not want to mislead people about their almost glamorous non-stop travel, so they chose to reveal everything about their experiences.

Cartell admitted in one of their posts that when they weren’t in some kind of an adventure, they were out to do some “painstakingly hard and dirty work”.

They gave up their good life in their hometown in exchange for blue-collar jobs. They have tried many different jobs like rock shovelers, dog poop scoopers, and toilet cleaners. You name it, they most probably did it. They even learned how to be resourceful in many ways. Cartell sought advice from companies to help them find jobs in other countries, in exchange of food and shelter.



Finding jobs was nerve-wracking and there were times when they couldn’t even provide their basic needs. They had to master the art of creativity in solving their problems. They even had to go through a bunch of pep talks.

Recalling the times when they were at a point of despair, the couple revealed how they experienced lurking around on the road at 1AM just to find a good place to sleep with their huge bags on their sides, eating crackers paired with jam, and having more or less only five hours of sleep every night.

But those challenges did not hinder them from looking forward to their next adventures. For them, everything contributes to their colorful journey as travelers because after finishing all the difficult tasks in their jobs, they are then free to begin their purpose…to explore wherever their eyes and feet could reach.

“It’s like heaven for us,” Cartell wrote.

Along their journey, they have picked up lessons as well as experiences. Scrubbing toilets to get them through the day trained them how to be humble and appreciate the little things in life as well as the great. They realized how important it is to seize every single moment of the day. According to Cartell, you’ll never know when your sunset day will be, so “live each day as if it were your last”.



The couple does not regret any of their decisions. For them, it was a pleasure to experience such difficult yet an exciting journey together.

Stepping outside their comfort zone has been their motive. They learned to be more and more creative when it came to facing every challenge in their lives. They hope that their blog posts about their journey will give people lessons on how to deal with all the stumbling blocks of life.  Their “hard and dirty” experiences only show that it is essential for everyone to have hardships in life, as these will make learning more fun and will add spices to an ordinary daily living.

They want to inspire people and make them do the same. They wish for people to discover that it is not bad at all to turn an ordinary life upside down and twist it a little bit harder just to get the extract of the “challenge”. It is very rewarding once you’ve overcome the obstacles you would never imagine doing.


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