Dubai’s Ultra-Luxurious Buildings and Construction Projects Will Blow You Away


Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the most famous in the region for its eccentricity and luxury. Dubai has transformed from a little fishing village to a world-class and world-famous luxury city in just thirty years.
Ostentation, luxury, and eccentricities are the very first thoughts that come to mind when you think of Dubai. The city oozes with luxury and extravagance that make you think everyone in there is very wealthy. The images below will leave you in awe with Dubia’s extravagance.

Take a luxury car and fly in the desert.


Or a ride in the city.





You don’t want to mess with the police officers.


Want your own island? No problem, thanks to this toy!


See the map of the world.




Check out the structures that they are planning to build.



Dubai is a very peculiar city from the air.


But hey, the sea is not the only attraction Dubai prides itself on. It is also a city of high living—literally!





Or buy something in a mall.


PETA would be proud of them.




But it is not only nice to see, it is also a city full of entertainment. We can start visiting the mosque.


In short, the city is very attractive.




Lots of cities want to copy it. Lets see a project in Monaco.


Then we could to play golf.



Go out for dinner in a restaurant.


We can also ski, although it seems impossible.

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