Three Friends Drove an Electric Tuk-Tuk From Bangkok to France …This is One Epic Trip


The Pilgreens is a trio of eco-friendly buddies who are heading off on the journey of a lifetime. French Remy Fernandes-Dandre and Karen Koulakian and German Ludwig Merz are planning to take a 20,000 km ride on their solar-powered tuk tuk from Bangkok to Toulouse, France. They hoped to arrive in Toulouse just in time for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December.

According to photographer Diego Azubel, the friends have been planning the trip for quite sometime. The Pilgreens keep postponing the trip because they were concerned about their itinerary such as crossing Russia during winter.

In their Web site, The Pilgreens explained that they wanted to show the world that “electric power will be, in the long run, the key energy to people’s mobility” by taking on this challenge.


Left to right: Remy Fernandes-Dandre, Ludwig Merz, and Karen Koulakian with their ride—a customized tuk tuk.

The Pilgreens posed with the map of their route shortly before starting their once-in-a-lifetime journey on August 9.

The tuk tuk is equipped with solar panels that will power the vehicle. They hoped that the tuk tuk would carry them 20,000 km across Eurasia over a span of 120 days.

Remy Fernandes-Dandre (pictured below) drives the three-wheeled motorcycle, which will transport them to fifteen countries.

In honor of their eco-friendly challenge, the three friends decided to call themselves The Pilgreens.

The Pilgreens hope to get to Toulouse in time for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December.

The friends were scheduled to begin their journey a few weeks back but had to postpone it. They are now worried about traveling across Russia in winter.

The Pilgreens aims to show the world that “electric power will be, in the long run, the key energy to people’s mobility,” according to their Web site.

The Pilgreens painted the details of their journey on the tuk tuk.

Photographer Diego Azubel from Argentina took photos of the friends while they packed up and prepared for their journey.

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