Fairy-Tale Destinations to Inspire Travelers on an Enchanting Vacation


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Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Historic, enchanting, and unchanged throughout the centuries, Rothenburg just might be the most beautiful among the fairy-tale destinations in Germany. Rothenburg is known worldwide as being Germany’s best-preserved medieval walled town, with its colorful houses, cobblestone lanes, and pretty squares. Named in part after its location on a plateau overlooking the Tauber River, Rothenburg ob der Tauber literally means “Red fortress above the Tauber” in German.



Renndølsetra is a traditional mountain farm located in the most beautiful valley of Norway, Innerdalen valley. In case you were wondering, Renndølsetra is a real farm with cows, sheep, and pigs, which offers homemade refreshments and accommodation for tourists. Stay for the smell of firewood heating the pots and pans on the stove, a seat at the long table, and a bed in the old timber-walled farmhouse. Enjoy the scenic view, experience milking in a barn from the 16th century, or trek in the mountains.


We’ll end this list of fairy-tale destinations with Shakespeare’s hometown, a 16th-century market town in England’s West Midlands. Don’t forget to catch a show at the world-famous Royal Shakespeare Theatre and see the views from its tower or visit some of the well-preserved buildings whose very walls tell the story of the playwright’s life and death. There are also plenty of non-Shakespearean activities to try in this quaint Tudor town, like boat trips along the Avon, modern museums, and even a Harry Potter-style magic shop.

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