Ferrari to Build Its Own Theme Park in North America


As if there weren’t enough theme parks in America already, Ferrari plans to bring their own version to the country. The car-manufacturing company’s very own park, Ferrari Land, will open its gates in Spain next year. Not only that, they also have a Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari has also sealed a deal with BAIC, a Chinese state-owned automaker. With this kind of flow, it’s quite possible that their expansion will soon reach the United States.

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Reports from Bloomberg claim that Ferrari is thinking about installing a fourth theme park somewhere in America. However, the exact details about where and when still haven’t been given. But the question is, why is there a sudden surge of additional Ferrari parks in the first place?

Apparently, Ferrari’s luxury goods business (perfume, high-end jackets, and cologne) isn’t really doing well. As a matter of fact, the company is holding a shareholder’s meeting in Amsterdam, where it’s going to assign a new board of directors, along with other luxury goods professionals.

Since Ferrari is having quite a hard time shifting from being a motorsport and supercar company into one that specializes in luxury items, they’ve decided to capitalize even more by opening that new theme park in one of its biggest markets, which is North America.

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