The Legacy of Architect Frank Gehry: 10 Iconic Buildings He Designed

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Art and engineering combined creates an architectural masterpiece that speaks of its time, place, and history. Yet only a few have yearned and dared to try to go beyond what’s expected and create a design that will be known for its timelessness. Frank Gehry, the most important architect of the modern age, is one of the brilliant few.

The Most Iconic Buildings Designed by Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is a Canadian-born American architect from Toronto, Ontario. Now 88 years old, Gehry has designed over 70 world-renowned buildings and still continues to build his more than half-century-old legacy. The use of unusual materials, extraordinary experimental designs, and his unmatched skills are what make him the most significant architect of the twenty-first century.

The architect mainly draws his style from postmodernism, yet the influence of classic architecture still shows in most of his works. Usually, two different elements don’t work quite well, but in this case, Frank Gehry found a way to make both blend nicely. He leverages on the postmodern technique and applies the eternal beauty of the classical architectural, which resulted in an array of bold and transformative building designs the world is bestowed with. Among his works are these ten iconic building that also defined his legacy.

1. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

Frank Gehry

Built in 1997, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is one of the most remarkable contemporary architectural pieces. The museum transformed the economy of the city during the Basque administration, it is for this reason the museum was believed to have a Bilbao effect.

2. El Peix d’Or, Barcelona

Also known as The Golden Fish, El Peix is touted as one of the most prominent structures in the world today. Frank Gehry built the art on the beachfront of Barcelona during the course of the 1992 Olympic Games.

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

The construction of the $240 million Walt Disney Concert Hall began in 1992 and took a decade to fully build. It only began its operation in downtown Los Angeles, California, in late 2003.

4. Fondation Louis-Vuitton, Paris

Opened in 2006, the Louis Vuitton Foundation is an art museum and cultural heritage financed by the group LVMH, the multibillion-worth luxury good conglomerate of fashion brand Louis Vuitton and winery Moët Hennesy. With such big names contributing to the museum’s foundation, it is no surprise that the total cost of the building came close to $900 million.

5. Dancing House, Prague

The Dancing House inherits the architectural style from the confluence of the traditional Baroque, Gothic, and Art Nouveau, which are famous in Prague. According to Frank Gehry, he drew his inspiration from the famous dancing duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Completed in 1996, the building houses a gallery, restaurant, and glass bar.

6. Marqués de Riscal Hotel, Elciego

In 2006, the stunning luxury chateau Marqué de Riscal Hotel was designed by Frank Gehry himself. An overnight stay at this 5-star hotel will cost you $400, and that’s the cheapest deal you could get. If you wish to make a reservation, do so as early as six months prior to stay date.

7. Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Cleveland

Situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is a healthcare facility dedicated solely to the discovery and development of more effective treatments for brain illnesses.

8. Pop Culture Museum, Seattle

The 13,000-square-meter Pop Culture Museum was designed by Frank Gehry after a smashed electric guitar. Gehry worked on the building back in the year 2000. Now the museum houses several galleries and the Sky Church, all dedicated to the contemporary popular culture.

9. New York by Gehry, New York City

The 76-story New York building design looks like an infrastructure straight out of an alien comic book. The distinctive aesthetic of the residential skyscraper showcases a rippling stainless steel exterior, which currently stands at 870 feet. Since 2010, the luxury tower clad has been fully operational and lodges a total of 904 units.

10. Cinémathèque Française, Paris

The Cinémathèque Française will take you back to the birth of cinema in the 19th century with the loop-projected silent films, movie memorabilia, and early motion picture devices.

Even at a young age, Frank Gehry played with unusual materials to build houses that are of extraordinary sizes and deformed shapes. To date, he still designs buildings to add to his plethora of collection. Currently, he is manning the architectural design of the Abu Dhabi version of the Guggenheim, although no exact completion date has been released yet.

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