Want to Get Paid While You Travel …If So, Here are the Best Jobs for You


Wanderlust is a strong desire to travel. Traveling is great, but sometimes work gets in the way. So, you need to find a way to make traveling your work. You can look up many jobs that will allow you to work, while you travel the world.

Here is a list of wonderful jobs that will allow you to travel and enjoy the world, while earning some bucks:

Become an English Teacher

Being an English teacher overseas will let you live abroad and explore a new country. Many of these jobs will accept those who have just graduated and even those who are not English majors.


Be an Archaeologist

The field of archaeology lets you travel and have adventures. You will really learn a lot about another culture when you go on digs. This job will require a master’s degree.


Be a Recruiter

If you become a recruiter, you will be visiting colleges all over the world. Your job is to find and hire the most promising graduates. You will definitely travel a lot in this job.


Be a Reporter

The news and media industry is always growing. If you work for a large company, you may be given the opportunity to work abroad as a foreign correspondent.


Volunteer with the Peace Corps

For those who aren’t in immediate need of a paycheck and would like to travel, join the Peace Corps. They send their volunteers to different parts of the world. There are other international organizations you can join as well, depending on your interests.




Become a Travel Writer

Being a travel writer can come with some great perks. You may get free hotel stays or free meals at fancy restaurants. This is not an easy job to get, so build your portfolio and show off your writing skills.

travel writer

Get Into Sales

There different types of sales jobs around the world. If you go into pharmaceutical sales, this will require almost as many hours traveling as working.


Be a Photographer

Getting into the photography world may not be easy. However, if you are talented enough, you can try applying to work for a magazine or in advertising.

travel photography

Become an Au Pair

To be successful at this job, you will need to love children and traveling. You will stay with your host family and have a lot of fun discovering your new surroundings.

au pair

Try the Travel Industry

Obviously, if you become a flight attendant, pilot, or apply to a cruise ship, travel will be a huge part of the job. You will be in different parts of the world, while working.


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