These Italian Cave Dwellings Are Already 9,000 Years Old but Still Have People Living in Them


This World Heritage spot is being dubbed as a real-life depiction of the popular cartoon The Flinstones. Situated in the Italian city of Matera, Baillicata, the Sassi di Matera is composed of stone homes that date back to the prehistoric period, but up to this day, it remains inhabited by modern generations.

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The picturesque city has been developed out of the original cave dweller or troglodyte’s way of living. It may look like it has been modernized with rooftops over the stone houses, but one can still see the remnants of its original structure.

Sassi has its rock houses carved directly through the stone, and it lies over what once has been a river but is currently a stream. The main purpose of doing so was to gain easy access to water since sewage had not been properly constructed at that time.

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