The Magic and Dangers of the Romantic Trend of ‘Love Locks’

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Immortalizing love is a practice that every love-struck couple does, especially when they believe in this thing called forever. It symbolizes commitment, the possibility of an eternity together, and we all can’t deny it is a romantic gesture enough to make us giddy for days.

Many people have flocked to bridges, metallic trees, or even towers to “lock” their love through a global phenomenon simply known as love locks. While many are quick to swoon over the romantic practice, many others, including the city’s governing body, have voiced out about the threats this global phenomenon poses.

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The Pont des Arts is the unarguably the most prominent destination when it comes to love locks. Located in Paris, it adds to the already fueled romanticism in the City. Since 2008, the bridge across the River Seine has been decorated with padlocks and names engraved all over it. But as of June 1, 2015 the weight that these locks held proved to be a burden for the infrastructure, so authorities ordered it’s immediate removal.


Elsewhere in Europe, tourists and locals have gone to Bamberg, Germany, to attach love locks on the Kettenbrücke. This was eventually met with criticism from the government, who expressed the need to remove the locks because of rust, but the officials were outnumbered by voters who wished for the locks to remain.


Liverpool Love Locks photo by Radarsmum67


Locked love on bridge in Cuenca, Spain (photo by Jesus Solana)


The online petition to “free your love, save our bridges” was created by Lisa Anselmo and Lisa Taylor Huff, two friends who have made it a personal mission to bring awareness on the dangers that love locks bring to pedestrians and public structures.

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