Man Quits High-Paying Job, Now Earns $1 Million a Month While Traveling Around the World


Johnny Ward, from an impoverished Irish family, got the chance to go on adventures around the world and earn $1 million from it through his travel blog onestep4ward.

At the age of 31, Ward already tried different jobs in the past until he got a sales job in 2009 in Australia, which paid him $20,000 per month. He could say that his job was going well, but he chose to quit after 6 months when he realized he wanted a task where he could have control over everything.

So he created a travel blog even though he did not know a thing about blogging. But then later on, the site became so popular that onestep4ward was turned into a media company named step4wardmedia as it began to generate an overwhelming revenue.

Since he opened the company in 2012, Ward has always been satisfied with the new life that he has found.

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