Here are the “Top 25″ Most Amazing Landmarks in the World for 2015



There are certain sights you need to see with your own eyes. Recently, TripAdvisor announced the winners of their Travelers’ Choice Awards for landmarks in 2015. Here is the reveal of the top 25 attractions as voted by travelers.

Petronas Twin Towers

If you go to Kuala Lumpur, you have to see the Petronas Twin Towers. It reaches 452 meters and it’s limited to 1,700 visitors a day. If you want to visit, you have to get a tourist pass that will allow you to go inside this amazing structure.

Great Wall at Mutianyu

This section of the  Great Wall of China was restored and is open to tourists. If you go to this section, it doesn’t have as many tourists as the sections closer to Beijing. The Mutianyu site shows views of the 22 watchtowers winding their way through the hilltops.

Panama Canal

This 77 kilometer-long canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It’s hailed as an impressive engineering marvel and one that transformed global trade and transportation. Panama is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.

Charles Bridge

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Charles Bridge is a fourteenth century structure that connects the Old Town with the Castle district. Dawn and dusk are magical times to visit this bridge and enjoy the fairy tale views.

 Christo Redentor

The Christo Redentor towers over Rio de Janeiro. It’s the largest art-deco statue in the world. This statue of Jesus is 39 meters tall.

The National September 11 Memorial

The National September 11 Memorial is a tribute to the 3,000 people who lost their lives due to the terror attacks. Opened 10 years after the tragedy, it stands on the very spot the twin towers once stood. It’s a very moving experience to pay your respects at this site.

Milan Cathedral

The Milan Cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in Europe. It’s the largest Gothic cathedral with 3,400 statues decorating the duomo. Climb the stairs and you will fully appreciate the architecture.

Burj Khalifa

Standing at 828 meters, it is the tallest man-made structure in the world. You can ride the elevator up to the 124th floor observation deck. From here, you can have jaw dropping views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.


Top Landmarks in the World in 2015, Alcatraz

This former maximum security prison housed Al Capone and George Kelly. It is 2.4 kilometers away from San Francisco and is no longer a penitentiary. It’s open to visitors for tours.

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia is a church from the sixth century. It used to be the greatest church in the Eastern Roman Empire, but it was transformed into a mosque and remained so until the 1930s. You cannot visit Istanbul without seeing this religious monument with a colorful history.



St. Peter’s Basilica

Vatican City

The world’s largest church and the center of Christianity is St. Peter’s Basilica. This imposing structure took over a hundred years to build. Walk through the interiors and view the magnificent artwork and opulent decorations.

Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge has come to symbolize San Francisco. It’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It spans 2.7 kilometers. You can walk, ride, or drive across this iconic bridge.

Angkor Wat

The mysterious lost city of the Khmer empire is Angkor Wat. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a large religious complex and truly a wonder. The complex stretches for over 400 kilometers and is just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Experts are unsure as to why this capital was abandoned in the fifteenth century. Buy a Temple Pass and explore as much of the complex as you wish.

Chichen Itza

This sacred, ancient Mayan city thrived for approximately 600 years. It is the most visited archeological site in Mexico with 1.2 million visitors per year. It is the most impressive and intact Mayan ruin in the world.

Machu Picchu

Another UNESCO World Heritage site is the lost city of Machu Picchu. Travelers are drawn to Peru to behold this glorious place. Transport yourself back to the times of the Incas and be enthralled.

La Sagrada Familia

This Gaudi vision is unfinished. It’s been a unique fixture in Barcelona since 1882. This structure is exceptionally intricate and is Barcelona’s number one tourist attraction.

Take time to look at the interior of the church. It’s unlike any thing you have ever seen.

Church of the Savior on Blood

The multi-colored facade of the Church of the Savior on Blood is one of the most iconic sights in St. Petersburg and it is also known throughout the world. It was built on the spot where Tsar Alexander II was killed in 1881. The beautiful interior features mosaic tiles designed by some of Russia’s most prominent artists of the era.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a structure that symbolizes love and beauty. It’s an iconic landmark and one of the new seven wonders of the world. This mausoleum was built in the seventeenth century by Shah Jahan for his favorite wife.

With its perfect symmetry, white crystalline marble, and intricate carvings, it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world. It should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to see.

The Alhambra

The Alhambra was described by Moorish poets as “a pearl set in emeralds”. This sprawling citadel was built in the thirteenth century. In the summer months, visitors flock to Spain to see the complex and its magnificent gardens.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This huge gleaming white structure in Abu Dhabi is an architectural wonder. It’s one of the world’s largest mosques and can accommodate 40,000 worshippers. It has 82 domes, over 1,000 columns, and one of the world’s largest chandeliers.

A visit to the United Arab Emirates would not be complete without a visit to this grand structure.



Lincoln Memorial

Commemorating the life of President Abraham Lincoln, this memorial is in Washington DC and is one of the most important national monuments in the USA. Lincoln is remembered for his condemnation of slavery, which led the way for its abolition. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech on the steps of this very monument.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was designed and constructed for the 1889 World Fair. Thought the French hated the tower when it was first built, it has since gone on to be their national symbol. Book your tickets in advance to avoid lengthy queues.

Wat Pho

Top Destinations to Visit, Wat Pho

Wat Pho is known to travellers as the home of the reclining Buddha. The largest statue in all of Thailand, it is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. It’s covered in gold leaf and its eyes and feet are inlaid with mother of pearl.

Wat Pho also has the largest collection of Buddhist images out of anywhere else in the country. It is a spectacular sight to behold.

 Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame is one of the most famous cathedrals. It’s a Gothic masterpiece in Paris that can accommodate 6,000 people. You can climb to the top of the tower for a spectacular view of Paris and look at those gargoyles close up.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage site and you simply cannot miss it when you visit Australia. It’s on the edge of the harbor and framed by the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This sight is a masterpiece of architecture and design.



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