Drift Through the Most Gorgeous Canals From All Over The World


If you are thinking that Venice, Italy is the only tow built on top of water, then you have to think again. This beautiful town is not alone. In fact, there are other gorgeous canals around the world that you should know about.

So, if you have been wanting to go to Venice, but you are quite near to one or two of these other locations, you might as well visit them first.

Annecy, France

Visit the old town of Annecy to see the beautiful historic buildings and row along the quiet canal. The town is situated on the shores of the Annecy Lake.

Bruges, Belgium

You can get an amazing view of history by boat because the canals loop their way through the old city. A visit to Bruges, Belgium is like travelling back in time.

Alappuzha, India

In Alappuzha, India, water is an essential part of life. You’ll be seeing transport boats and fishing boats of different kinds while you’re on the water. Passenger boats and daily ferries are also available and they will take you through the network of canals around the city.

Nan Madol, Micronesia 

You’ll find the ancient city of Nan Madol off the east coast of Micronesia. As ancient as it is, it’s also a city filled with mystery. Nan Madol is a huge 80-acre with 90 man-made islands, which is held together by a canal network.

Suzhou, China

Ride through the canals as they wind their way through the 2,500-year-old city in Suzhou, China. You’ll be able to see the Jiangnan-style gardens as you pass through canals.



Bangkok, Thailand

You’re going to need one of the many Boat Guides and Ferry if you’re in Bangkok. Water travel is very common in this country, so go ahead and catch a river taxi to navigate your way through their Khlongs (canals), so you won’t get lost and travel just about anywhere you want to visit in Bangkok and score some great scenery as well. Don’t forget to visit a floating temple while you’re there too.

St. Petersburg, Russia

The rivers and canals in the city have more than 60 historic bridges spanning them. The canal system will take you to different locations in St. Petersburg.

Hoi An, Vietnam

The city is separated by canals that cut through the city in channels and is set on the Huai River. Hoi An City,  Vietnam is 2,000 years old.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Back in the days, the canals went right to the middle of the city, so the ships could unload cargo. Nowadays, the canals are a beautiful way to observe and admire the historic city. Some of the canals in Copenhagen are 400 years old.

Tigre Delta, Argentina

In Argentina, several islands are connected together with a canal system to make a vacation paradise of beaches, spas, and other getaways by the Tigre Delta.



Stockholm, Sweden

To fully experience the beauty of Stockholm, Sweden, it’s best if you cruise through the city’s canals via boat. The canals offer a variety of types of tours as well.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Despite being famous for a canal city, Venice, Italy cannot surpass Amsterdam for being more watery. Every single year, almost three million people take a canal cruise in Amsterdam. Visit the renowned Red Light District to witness the historic canals, the oldest in the city.


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