Here it is… The Definitive List of the Most Popular Travel Destinations in the World


TripAdvisor is the number one Web site for travel enthusiasts. Every year, the site polls its millions of users to vote for their top travel destinations around the world.

For the year 2015, travelers ranked Marrakech, Morocco (sixth last year) as the number one travel destination for the first time. Perennial top travel destinations such as Paris and Rome also made it to the list, as well as newcomers like Cusco, Peru, and Queenstown, New Zealand.

Using millions of TripAdvisor reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions of different cities for a 12-month period, TripAdvisor announced their winners.

Here are TripAdvisor 2015 Top Travel Destinations around the world.

25. Sydney, Australia

24. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

23. Hong Kong, China

22. Queenstown, New Zealand

21. Budapest, Hungary

20. Athens, Greece

19. Kathmandu, Nepal

18. Bangkok, Thailand

17. St. Petersburg, Russia

16. Cusco, Peru

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