Ronda May Be Just Another City in Spain …But Oh, the Wonders This City Hides



Located about 100 kilometers west of the Spanish city of Malaga, Ronda is noted for its stunning and picturesque landscapes and friendly people. Although this mountaintop city is already a sight to behold on its won, it is Puente Nuevo that makes it more popular to tourists.

Puente Nuevo is an old bridge built in 1793. It runs over a valley, which is more than 300 feet deep.




It is interesting how the city has not changed at all, even if it was built centuries ago.

Here’s another interesting fact you must know about Ronda: while Spain is visited by tourists for its lovely castles, others drop by the small city to learn more about modern bullfighting.

Ronda is the birthplace of modern bullfighting. But because the city’s bullfighting ring is preserved and used as a museum, locals only use it once a year.





Watch a video about the beautiful Ronda, Spain, below.


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