These are the 12 Most Stomach-Churning Ziplines around the World …This is Intense!



Feel that adrenaline rush and exhilarating blood flow as you blitz your way through these ziplines that can be found from across the world.

San Diego, California

Wear a GoPro or a helmet to capture your whole experience, as you take San Diego’s Flightline Safari and soar up in the air at 160 feet and zip across 470 feet over the Zoo’s wild animal park.

Sun City, South Africa

The Pronutro Zip 2000, in Sun City, South Africa is 1.25 miles long and provides utmost exhilaration the entire time you’re soaring through. You’ll descend over 900 feet at speeds of up to 85 mph, making it one of the highest and fastest ziplines in the world.

Sarangkot, Nepal

With a top speed of 100 mph, Nepal’s Zipflyer is rumored to be the world’s most intense zipline. You’ll fall through a vertical drop of almost 2,000 feet for more than a mile.

Bukidnon, Philippines

The Zip Zone over Bukidnon in the Philippines is more than 2,700 feet long and it will definitely give you a thrill of a lifetime.

Louisville, Kentucky

The Mega Zips in Louisville, Kentucky is a limestone mine that runs 100 acres beneath the city. Also, inside the Mega Cavern, lies the only underground zipline in the world. At some points, you’ll be 70 feet above the floor. The full zipline tour consists of six lines and is over two hours long. The racing zipline leads you through a psychedelic area of the cavern filled with color lights.





Gravity Canyon, New Zealand

This zipline is not named the Flying Fox for nothing. The Flying Fox in Mokai Gravity Canyon in New Zealand is 3,600 feet long. Wondering why it’s called the Flying Fox? That’s because the speed reaches an incredible blood-pumping 100 mph, making it a short and quick, yet adrenaline-pumping ride.

Whistler, British Columbia

You’ll feel the crisp alpine air in your face as you soar past the stomach churning view down below. The Whistler zipline route will take you down five lines with its 1,000-foot drop.

Hoonah, Alaska

The ZipRider over Hoonah, Alaska has an average speed of 60 mph. You’ll fly high above the spectacular view over the course of 90 seconds while dropping 1,300 feet.

Bethesda, Whales

Speed down Europe’s longest zipline in the Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry in Wales. The line can go as fast as 99 mph and is 1.12 miles long.

Labadee, Haiti

When your ship stops in Labadee, Haiti, the Royal Caribbean cruise gives its passengers the chance to enjoy the world’s longest over-water zipline course. It drops you 500 feet at speeds that reach up to 50 mph and it’s 2,600 feet long.



Orocovis, Puerto Rico

In Orocovis, Puerto Rico, you’ll be able to ride one of the world’s highest ziplines. The zipline La Bestia or The Beast requires you to ride it face down and will place you 853 feet above the jungle. You can finally soar like a superhero.

Arenal Volcano Park, Costa Rica

The Sky Trek zipline, at Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano Park, will take you up into the lush jungle surrounding you, over the top of Arenal Lake, and right past an active volcano. You can take the zipline in the evening to get an extra feeling of rush. When you begin your ride, you’ll be 137 feet high up in the air.


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