The Stunning City of San Francisco in These Amazing Photos



Known around the world as the Golden State of America, this only city consolidated place in America is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California.

Aside from its quintessential trolley carts and slope-y neighborhood hills, this City by the Bay is mostly recognized for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Historically being remembered as part of the gold rush, the San Fran bay is also one of the best places that photographers go to. From ordinary selfies to high end photos, there is no denying the charm and elegance that this city exudes.

Here are just some of the most breathtaking views of this wonderful Northern California city.

A bird’s eye view of the Golden Gate

The city beneath the fog

The San Francisco City life

Driving on the fast lane

Sunset by the bay



The classic San Francisco touch

The Golden Gate bridge amidst an incoming storm

Night life in San Francisco

Trolley ride anyone?

The ethereal city beneath the fog


Get to know more about America’s Golden State and let this wonderful city be your next travel destination.


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