These Destinations May Be Beautiful …But, They Come with Caution



While it’s true that the world is full of beautiful and majestic places, it does come with some cautionary tales. While some of these destinations have all the allure, don’t let their looks fool you.  Reconsider these destinations and give your bucket list a second look.

Mexico, Acapulco

Acapulco has astounding beaches that’ll truly amaze anyone who sees them. It has always attracted tourists who simply want to get away from the hectic urban life. However, there has been a reported decline of visitors in the city . This is mostly because of the country’s murder figures and drug lords who are responsible for 1,1700 homicides per 800,000 (approx.) residents.

US, Cleveland

You might want to reconsider visiting Cleveland, if you’re looking for a place to go while you’re in the United States. You might get bummed out by the 30 percent murder and rape rate. With that kind of number, it might not be as appealing anymore.


Somalia has had a lot of trouble with piracy. So if you happen to be familiar with world affairs or if you’ve seen the film Captain Philips (starring Tom Hanks), you must already be aware of how dangerous this place is. Aside from that, seeking help may prove to be difficult, especially if you’re in serious trouble, because Somalia has no US embassy.


This place is so alluring it’s only natural for you to want to personally visit it. However, the place is also so isolated that the possibility of aid in dire situations is very slim.


The pyramids may continue to charm travelers, but it is often at the expense of their safety. Egypt’s political situation has been bad for quite a while, and you can expect some form of civil war within the country.



India, Delhi

Despite its historical attractions, Delhi remains to be one of the crime capitals of the world, with rape rates skyrocketing in the city. It’s so unfortunate that your image of India about warm and friendly people, their scrumptious delicacies, and colorful culture are tarnished by crime rates.

Mount Everest

If you’re aiming to scale this colossal peak with your mountaineering companions, then make sure that all of you are well-versed in mountain climbing. Conquering Mount Everest may be an amazing feat for anyone, but it’s also a dangerous place that has claimed many lives.

Myanmar (Burma)

Although the country’s tourism is generally good and it is indeed growing, it’s still a place that you shouldn’t mess around in. Even worse, the ones who have been known to be cruel and violent toward foreigners is the country’s military itself.


The threat of terrorism and kidnapping, posed by the Radical Islamists, is truly unsafe for everyone. As a matter of fact, the Foreign Office advises that no one should visit Mali, despite the beauty of the place.

Yemen, Sana’a

Despite the fact that it’s extremely unsafe for outsiders and the fact that Yemen’s political status is quite shaky, tourists are still attracted to Sana’a, a World Heritage site that’s full of riveting architecture.




Guatemala suffers from a high rate of drug-related crimes as well as crimes against women. These crimes mostly go unpunished, which makes the place dangerous for everyone, especially for women.

Before you take on a trip, it pays to know the perils of the place that you’ll be visiting before actually getting there. And the places on this list are just some of the most dangerous destinations there are. Knowing how enticing their natural wonders are, it is understandable if you insist to visit these areas. But one quick reminder: always take a pause to look who’s walking behind.


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