Are you Looking For a New Amazing Place to Call Home …This City Might Be Perfect For You


Barcelona is known for its popular soccer club, but this city has more to offer than just this sport. It has stunning views, various types of galleries and architecture as well as great music and food.

With its myriad of historical and cultural artifacts, Barcelona is every bit as romantic as the great city of Paris. If you want to live abroad, consider this city as your possible new home.

Listed here are the top 20 reasons why living in Barcelona is amazing. After seeing this, you will surely want to see this marvelous Spanish city.

It has a magnificent history.


Like other international cities, you’ll find many historic features in the city while just walking around. At the Museu d’Historia de Barcelona, you will learn about the tradition and culture of the city. Also in the museum are the Placa del Rei, Born Centre Cultural, Temple d’August, and the Museum Maritime.

It’s a foodie’s paradise.


If you love good food, there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants in this city. In this city you will get the freshest seafood and there are also plenty of pastry shops to indulge your sweet tooth. However, most of the local businesses close for two hours during lunch.

It’s heavenly for chocoholics.

As the birthplace of Antoni Escriba, the “Mozart of Chocolate,” you will be able to get some of the best chocolates available in his pastry shop. Chocolate bon-bons and xurros con chocolat are very popular choices for any chocolate lovers in the city. This wonderful city offers plenty of sweets to indulge in.

Excellent beaches.


Generally, the city has a warm climate, so you will have plenty of  opportunity to see the sites along the beaches. You can easily get to a beach to relax after working all day. And, the good thing about all of them is they are nice and clean.

The magical Montjuïc mountain.


You can walk up to the top of the magical Montjuïc. It’s a mountain that offers breathtaking views all around. It is also not overpopulated with tourists, so you can see the sites without being bothered.

You can walk anywhere.


For those who like to explore on foot, this is the perfect city for you to discover. Aside from the culinary delights, the city has some amazing buildings and parks to enjoy. If you do not like walking, you can use a bicycle to explore this gorgeous city.

It’s a great place for coffee connoisseurs.

There are plenty of coffee drinkers among the city dwellers. A café con leche is a smooth concoction. It’s a mixture of coffee and steamed milk.

It’s a bicycle playground.


With its scenic routes and numerous bike lanes, this is a great way to get exercise and explore without walking. This is just one attraction that the city offers. While it’s easy to get around in a bike, you have to beware of the bicycle thieves.

Plenty of Spanish wine and cavas.


Spanish Wine and Cavas are comparable to French Wine and Champagne. Spanish sparkling wine is called Cavas and it is inexpensive but great quality. In Barcelona, liquor like wine and beer is cheaper than soda or bottled water.

It has local designers.


There are plenty of brands to choose from with a wide range of prices. Some local and affordable brands are ZazoBrull, RooM, Syngman Cucala, and Cuervo Cobberblack Bird. You can find something that suits your style and price range.

There are amazing carnivals.


Each year there are many carnivals that showcase the Catalan culture with concerts, firework displays, air shows, and more. In September, Festes de la Merce, a religious parade that has now become a popular attraction, is celebrated. Each neighborhood has their own way of celebrating, notable mentions are Gracia and Sants, which like to do their own huge celebrations.

It has a wealth of musical prospects.


There are plenty of musical venues like Apolo, Razzmatazz,Gran Teatre del Liceu and L’Auditori. This is a city with a diverse mix of music from classical to jazz to world music. Some of the biggest musical fiestas like Primavera Sound, Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, Sonar and Cruilla are hosted in Barcelona.

A delight for dancing.


Spanish dancing is more than just Flamenco. Sardana is a dance form native to Barcelona and is performed on weekends in front of the Cathedral and City Hall.  There are also plenty of nightclubs in the city.

It has excellent modern architecture.


Architecture is a big feature of this city. The great Antonio Gaudi designed many of the existing buildings you see. The Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Pedrera, and Casa Batllo are among the many wonderful examples of great architecture you will find.

It has something similar to Valentine’s Day.


On April 23, Diada de Sant Jordi or Saint George’s Day is celebrated. It’s similar to Valentine’s Day because the men give their partners a rose and the women give them a book. This is the city’s answer to Valentine’s Day elsewhere in the world.

Breath taking street art.


Everywhere you turn, you will see art in Barcelona. It’s on store shutters and on the streets and it’s not just graffiti either. During the mid-day break, you can take a walk and see some of the finest street art in the world.

There are rural locations.


Even though it’s a bustling metropolis, there are some neighborhoods that retain their rural and native customs. La Barceloneta, Les Corts, and Gracia are examples of these places that preserve their rural festivities.

Many Ping-Pong tables around.


The people in Barcelona love Ping-Pong. Scattered all over the city are Ping-Pong tables you can use. You can easily find someone to compete against.

Public transportation system is excellent.


There are many ways to discover the sights and sounds of Barcelona. You can walk around, use a bicycle, or go on public transportation. There are trains, subways, cable cars and buses all for your convenience.

It has glorious weather all year round.


Because it is located in the Mediterranean region, the temperature is moderate. With its neutral climate, the city offers great weather conditions year round. There are plenty of months of sunshine balanced with a bit of rainfall.

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