This Terrifying Footage Shows Climbers Risking their Lives by Jumping a Giant Gap



The Leap of Faith separates Maroon Peak from North Maroon Peak and it needs nerves of steel to cross over as the mountain is extremely steep on either side at this point, and the rocks on either side are loose. It’s not named “Leap of Faith” for nothing.

There is a video below that shows two brave hikers risking life and limb by leaping across the notorious gap and range that’s claimed many lives – high up on the 14,000-feet Maroon Bells Peaks in Colorado.

Having gotten the nickname “The Deadly Bells”, the Colorado mountains are so notorious about having claimed lives.

Two hikers put their lives on the line by going up the 14,000-feet Maroon Bells Peaks in Colorado and taking the deadly “Leap of Faith”.

The video captures the first climber in mid-air as he leaps across. These hikers are daredevils!

Maroon Peak is separated from North Maroon Peak by the “Leap of Faith.”

At the start of the video, one climber prepares himself to jump before safely leaping across and then he turned around to motivate his friend to do the same.

But, the first climber sends several rocks tumbling down the mountainside, which spiked the already high tension in the air.

His friend observed nervously from the other side as he yells “Rocks!”.

When the other climber frantically clambered back to move away from the cascading rocks, the clip then switches to display the first climber’s leap.

Since the mountains are so perilous, they have earned the name “The Deadly Bells”.

The name was first used when eight people died in five separate climbing accidents on the range in 1965.

A Colorado climber perished due to blood loss and his friend was injured, after they wandered off the trail during their descent of North Maroon Peak, last year.

David Richardson and Jarod Wetherell, 37, got separated during their hike.

Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Kendrick told Post Independent at the time:

“They climbed up South Maroon and traversed over to North Maroon. On their way down from North, they got off trail. There are a lot of places you can get off trail coming down. The only way you know for sure what the trail was, is if you went up that way.”

According to Kendrick, the climbers ended up off the trail and fell down one of the gulleys. Kendrick added:

“They didn’t go up that way. They were coming back down a trail they had never been on. They were not roped together and fell separately at different times.”


Rocks fall down the mountainside as the first climber successfully makes it across.

The first climber warns his friend about the falling rocks, then turns around to encourage him after jumping across.


Watch these brave climbers below:

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