Top 10 Paradise Vacation Destination for Introverts Travelers


Chatty airplane seatmates, noisy group-travel tours and all-inclusive resorts, shy people certainly have hard time traveling. Being introverts don’t mean that they don’t want to go to new places or meet new people. It’s just that introverts have limited energy for socializing. They need to have some time alone to recharge.

So, it is safe to say that introverts will have hard time relaxing in vacation places such as crowded beaches, historical sites full of bustling tourists and the likes. With that in mind, here are 10 vacation destinations that will be paradises for introvert travelers.

10. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany


This quiet city is located 3,000 meters on the highest mountain in Germany Zugspitze. This historic little city is composed of two villages, one founded by Romans and the other by the Teutonic order. This quiet but picturesque city offers scenic views and a relaxing paradise for introvert travelers.

9. Hidden settle in Himalaya, Tibet


This gem of a place is one of the famed Himalayan hidden villages. Originally built to provide food for the needs of Tibetan monasteries, the post card views of Hidden settle offers visitors a place to meditate and relax with nature. Visitors have to travel on foot or on horse to get to the village. This little vacation place will surely fit the need for introvert travelers a place to relax and connect with their inner self.


8. Reine, Norway


This fisherman’s village offers visitors the scene of majestic arctic landscapes. Inhabited by around 330 fisher folks, Reine will charm introverts with its beautiful and natural landscapes. Introverted people can find a place to rest from the bustling city life in this picturesque village.

7. Gasadalur, Farers Islands


The beautiful Farers islands to the north of Scotland is not a famous tourist spot. This place is a perfect getaway for introverts. Only 18 people currently live on the island but visitors will be treated with beautiful views of the clear sea, rolling green hills, cloudy mountains, crystal clear rivers and some majestic waterfalls.

6. Colmar, France


Paved with beautiful medieval streets and bridges, pastel-colored houses, old stone buildings, Colmar is a beautiful city. The quiet city of Colmar is also the capital of winery. The Route du Vin (Wine route of France) begins in Colmar. So, for introverts who love wine, Colmar is the best place to visit.


5. Bled, Slovenia


Surrounded by mountains, the city of Bled is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. The city is quite historical, it was first mentioned in 1004. The city was gifted by the Roman emperor to the cardinal of Briksen. The famous church of Bled is located at an island sitting in the middle of Bled lake. With only 5,000 people living in the city, introverts will not be hassled by large crowds for their visit in this beautiful city.

4. Manarola, Italy


Hidden in the north of Italy is a little fishermen’s town called Manarola. This little town is quite a magical place. With colorful rainbow-colored houses, visitors are treated with the mesmerizing view of the deep blue Ligurian sea. Visitors can also visit Manarola’s church which was built in 1338.


3. Bibery, Great Britain


What is the most astonishing town of England? It’s not Manchester, London or Liverpool but the little place called Bibery. The town first appeared on historical texts in 1086. This old and sleepy town have kept its original appearance. The buildings and houses in Bibery looks the same as they looked back then. Introvert travelers will surely enjoy their visit in Bibery.

2. Ancy, France


The city is built around a 14th century castle and surrounded by the French Alps. Already, Ancy is a beautiful and historical place. Aside from that, the city is beautifully divided by channels and small rivers that flow into the blue lake of Ancy. Ancy also have a number of cafe, restaurants, hotels and hostels to cater tourists when they visit.

1. Goreme, Turkey (underground city)


The biggest Christian center during the 6th until the end of the 9th century, Goreme was built underground. Even St. Paul thought Goreme was the best place for him to study. Today, the city has become a museum under the sky. Visitors can marvel at the city’s more than 400 churches. This peaceful tourist spot, is perfect for introvert travelers.



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