Top 8 Travel Destinations For the Budget-Minded Traveler …This is a Must See


Traveling usually uses up a lot of money. You might even assume that traveling on a budget is improbable. However, you’d be amazed at the astonishing destinations that will appease your desire for adventure but will not empty your pockets.

Bali, Indonesia

Adorned with beautiful beaches, sun, and temples, Bali has a lot to offer anybody. Most of us assume that a paradise vacation in the Pacific is impossible due to its expenses. Fortunately, reports from the Hotel Price Index indicate that Indonesia’s most renowned tourist destination has implemented a decrease in hotels costs by 12 percent.

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is a breathtaking and fascinating city, which has always been difficult for tourists to access until recently. Of all the grand cities in South America, La Paz has one of the cheapest prices for cultural attractions, food, and accommodations. Price of Travel’s 2015 Backpacker Index reports that in La Paz, for only $22.87, you can have three budget meals, a ticket to a cultural attraction, three beers, two rides on public transportation, and a good hostel.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Home to the world’s largest coral reef systems, the Great Barrier reef is for anyone who has dreamed of seeing the wonderful coral and wildlife it offers. Unfortunately, industrial development, pollution, and climate changes endanger the reef. But there is a good news: according to Expedia, flight costs to Cairns have decreased by nearly 30 percent while package deals have gone as low as 40 percent.

Antalya, Turkey

Want to visit the Mediterranean but wouldn’t like to blow all of your nest egg? Worry no more. Turkey is perfect for you. The city of Antalya, situated in Turkey, offers budget shopping, a chance to revisit the past through the ancient ruins, and a variety of affordable accommodations, like five-star hotels for only $100 per night.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul was newly listed as Trip Adviser’s number three travel destination for 2015, with amazing sites like the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. Hotel prices have been recently decreasing due to discord in some areas of the Middle East. Refrain from touristy dining spots, and you’ll be able to discover local dining alternatives that are priced at only around $5 per meal.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Despite being one of the top travel destinations in the world and being recently listed as Trip Adviser’s fourth-best travel destination for 2015, meals and attractions almost cost nothing by Western standards in Hanoi. A beer only costs about $1, and local food typically costs between $2–3 per meal. With more than 600 pagodas and temples and sites like the Ho Chi Minh, the alluring Vietnamese capitol will engross you with centuries of history.


Honduras may not be as fitting for Central American holidays compared to Costa Rica, but it’s still a good alternative if you want tropical waters, sandy beaches, drinks, and delicious food without spending too much. For a fraction of the cost, Honduras offers a fun and relaxing tropical vacation with a variety of affordable hotels standing in all corners of the country.

Playa Troncones, Mexico

Despite being home to pristine beaches, delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine, and world-class resorts, Mexico can still be a wonderful destination if you have a tight budget. A small beach community in the state of Guerrero, Playa Troncones offers family-owned accommodations, some of the best surfing in the world, and white, sandy beaches. Here, you’ll definitely see your cash go further since it’s not as famous as other major resort destinations, so it’s not bounded by inflated resort pricing.

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