Widow Puts Husband’s Ashes in Bottle and Throws It into the Sea to Fulfill His Wish to Travel

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A widowed woman is granting one last wish for her late husband. She’s allowing his remains to travel far out to sea.

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Gordan Scott died of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 57. His wife, Beverly Smith, says that her husband was always bitten by the travel bug and had that inking feeling to seek out adventure. So she devised a plan to honor him in the sweetest way possible.


Beverly packed Gordon’s ashes into a bottle along with a two dollar bills so the person who finds it can contact her. The plan turned out perfectly with the help of some strangers, who allowed him the right to travel for the last time on earth.


Beverly dropped the bottle in their favorite vacation spot in Florida with the note that read, “My husband, Gordon Scott ‘Skinny’ Smith, loved to travel. Call and tell me where he is.”

A chain of incredible events happened next. Judi Glunz, the owner of a hotel in Key Colony Beach, Florida, not only discovered Beverly’s note but accompanying it was another one from a man named Ross.


Turns out that man named from Ross from all the way in Islamorada, Florida, was the first one to find the message in the bottle. He contacted Beverly, who was astounded by how far the bottle has traveled.


To continue the heartwarming tribute, Sydney followed the instructions in the note and transferred Gordon’s remains to a more sturdy rum bottle with her own note and dollar bill for the next person who discovers it.

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