Woman Travels Around the World with All Expenses Paid by ‘Sugar Daddy’ She Met Online 14 Days Before


Lauren Levy, 35, flew halfway across the world to meet a man she knew online and got to visit various destinations—courtesy of the man.

Levy, who is from Louisiana, found Hani Alkoot from Kuwait on MissTravel, a Web site that connects single individuals who want to travel with a sugar daddy.

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The two chatted, and just two weeks after, they flew to Amsterdam to find out if the chemistry they felt online would be as strong if they met in person.

And for them, it was—and now they are traveling around the world together.

For the past 10 months, they have already visited three countries, and of course, all expenses were paid for by generous Mr. Alkoot, including five-star hotel stays, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, and tickets to shows.


Mr. Alkoot, 40, who works for an oil company, estimates that he spent about $12,000 on each of their trip. They’ve been to Amsterdam, Dubai, and Thailand already.


Levy, who previously worked at Mercedez Benz, said that she was looking for a worldly and well-traveled man, but she didn’t find one in her hometown.


So she decided to look for Mr. Right on the Internet and met Mr. Alkoot. They chatted every day for 14 days, and she found him “very funny, intelligent, and generous.”

She was then asked to join him in Amsterdam for his 40th birthday celebration. Levy flew with her sister since she didn’t want to go on her own. He shouldered their expenses.

She was so nervous at first because they would stay there for the whole week, but after they hung out for a few hours, she relaxed. According to her, Mr. Alkoot was a real gentleman, he let them have the bed while he slept on the couch.


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