Here are the Top Locations Around The Globe for Finding the Best Cup of Coffee



These days, coffee shops are everywhere. Diners and convenience stores offer us their own versions of what they claim is the best coffee. It can be difficult to choose where to get your caffeine pick-me-up.

Luckily, there are some places that offer superb cups. Here are some fabulous places around the world doing just that.


Strangers’ Reunion in Chinatown of Singapore has incredible latte art.


Seattle is world famous for their coffees. If you go there, try Seattle Coffee Works.


Kaffitar is the most popular coffee house in Reyjavik. Their lattes and cappuccinos are the best.


Traditionally, London is known for its tea time, but coffee’s popularity has been growing. The best shops are in East London. Buy from Climpson & Sons or Caravan.

The locals prefer the flat white or the cappuccino from these places.


Coffee Mania is a great place to people watch, while sipping your favorite brew. It’s quite an expensive coffee house and you will probably see local Moscow personalities. Their coffee has won awards.


Melbourne is well-known for it’s coffee. They even host a yearly coffee expo. The best cups can be found at Auction Rooms in North Melbourne.


UNESCO has listed Austrian coffee houses as part of their Intangible Heritage. Espresso and cappuccino are their popular drinks. Demel is a good place to try, and while you’re there, taste their pastries.


Tim Wendelboe is the 2004 World Barista Champion. He now owns his own shop in Oslo. It’s one of the biggest coffee-drinking cities in the world.

San Francisco

The Blue Bottle Coffee cafe in San Francisco has a menu with enough selections to please even the pickiest coffee snobs.


Les Deux Magot cafe in Paris, France, was once the hangout spot for philosophers Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre. This is a distinctly Parisian cafe.


Here’s a story about a person obsessed with getting the best brew: Man Spends $100,000 to Visit Every Starbucks on the Planet



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