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10 Unusual Homes That Are Wonderfully Quirky

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Are you in the midst of house hunting? If you’re looking for something out of the norms, then maybe you’d fall in love with these unusual homes!

All throughout history, mankind has sought shelter at the comfort of their own dwelling place. People have gone on from living in caves to taking residence in castles and then to building houses and now even condominiums. These days, homes that come in all shapes and sizes. There are some folks who design their homes in a way that reflects their creative personality. And the outcome? It ranges from the wonderfully quirky to out of this world.

So if you are looking for design inspiration for your dream home or are simply in the mood to check out something strange structures, then the gallery below is guaranteed to satisfy you. Once you find a favorite home, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!

10 Unusual Homes Around the World

1. Transparent House, Japan

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Hide-and-Go-See-Through Glass House

Transparent House

If privacy isn’t a big issue for you, then try living in this transparent home located in Tokyo, Japan. The House NA is a 914-square-foot house built by Sou Fujimoto Architects. The design firm was inspired by the concept of living within a tree.

2. Skateboard House, USA

Skateboard House

House Skate

The Skateboard House is a project in a private residence situated in Malibu, California. With its design, you’ll be able to skate in any area and surface, both indoors and outdoors! The client and visionary of this project is Pierre Andre Senizergues, a former world champion and pro skater.

3. World’s Slimmest House, Poland

Skinniest House in the World

The Keret House

Definitely not the ideal place for anyone suffering from claustrophobia. The Keret House, designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny, is inserted between two existing buildings. The extremely narrow structure measures only 92 to 152 centimeters in width.

4. Old Water Tower Converted into Modern Home, Belgium

Water Tower House Conversion

Water Tower House Interior

This 100-foot-high water tower in Belgium used to be a Nazi hideout during the war. It was later transformed into a single-family living space by architect Mauro Brigham of Bham Design Studio. The home has all the amenities you can ask for, from a bedroom and bathroom to a storage space and a panoramic terrace.

5. Dick Clark’s Flintstones House, USA

Real Life Flintstones House

Flintstones Inspired Home

The late media personality Dick Clark made a single-story house in Malibu. The design was inspired by the Flintstones family from the iconic American sitcom The Flintstones aired in the 1960s. Since his death, the house was sold by his widow for $3.5 million.

6. World’s Smallest 1 m² House, Germany

Street Art in Kreuzberg

World’s Smallest 1sq Meter House

Le-Metnzel, a Laos native who left his country as a refugee, has spent his whole life exploring the concept of a home. He teamed up with Corinne Rose from Berlin’s BMW Guggenheim Lab to grow a global village made of tiny mobile homes. The portable DIY structure measures exactly 1 square meter. It recently earned the title of world’s smallest house.

7. Slide House, Japan

House with Three-Story Slide

Slide House

Japanese studio firm Level Architects completed a house in Tokyo with a slide connecting all three floors. It also comes with a regular staircase on one side of the house (because no one wants to use a slide going up!), along with a slide on the other, allowing you to have fun without leaving the comfort of home.

8. Stone House, Portugal

Inverted Tower Sintra Portugal

Stone House

When the first photos of the Casa de Penedo was released, people began to doubt its authenticity. Undoubtedly one of the most unusual homes ever built, this massive rock house in Portugal is very, very real. It even comes with a door, a chimney, and a window! No one lives in the house for now, and it has become quite the tourist attraction in the area.

9. Church Transformed into Modern Family Home, Holland

Residence Church Utrecht

Church Converted Into Family Home

Not sure if anyone would be comfortable doing anything inside this house, but two abandoned churches in Utrecht, Netherlands, were actually converted into stylish family residences. Zee Architecten was behind the incredible transformation, which has caused a lot of controversy from Catholic groups ever since it was built.

10. Giant Seashell House, Mexico

Giant Seashell House

Seashell-Shaped House

Seashells, she sells! This wonderful tongue twister of a home is inspired by the works of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright. It is currently owned and resided by a young family in Mexico city.

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