What Does Your Sleeping Position Tell You About Your Personality?




Research done by a sleep specialist from London revealed that a person’s personality can be determined just by looking at his sleeping position. Almost everyone sleeps in the same position every night, so it pays to find out what the way your sleep tells about your personality.

The study found that there are six major sleeping positions people make every night, and based on the results, those who sleep in the same position display the same traits.

The Fetus

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Sleeping the “fetus” way means curling up in bed with arm placed under a pillow. The people who do this always try to be strong on the outside but are actually vulnerable and sensitive on the inside. They often get shy in front of people they just met, but over time, they start warming up to them.

The Log





The people who sleep on the side with their arms and legs straight are usually very trusting, but they often end up being easily fooled and cheated on. They also love to reach out to others and are easygoing.

The Yearner

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If you are the type of a person who stretches your arms out on the side when you sleep, you are very open to meeting new people and doing new things, but you can be a little selfish and dishonest. You don’t make quick decisions. It takes you time to be sure about something, but you stick to your choice once it’s finalized.

The Soldier





People who lie flat on their backs with arms and legs straight are usually shy and are not really open about their feelings and opinions. Soldier sleepers tend to set high standards for themselves and the people around them, and they easily judge those that don’t meet their expectations.

The Freefaller

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The freefallers lie on their stomach and are more comfortable when their arms are wrapped around a pillow. These people are very friendly, but they are not so open about criticisms.



The Starfish

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Starfish sleepers basically form a star when they sleep. They lie on their back with legs slightly spread out and hands floating above their head. If you sleep this way, you are humble and friendly and people find it easy to lean on you. Just that, you hate it when eyes are all on you.

But wait, here’s one more!

There is one more sleeping position that has become pretty popular. This was not included in the study, but people are more familiar with this than any of the positions mentioned.

The Drunk


Well, these people just love to party hard!



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