Why Letting Go is So Hard and the Things You Can Do to Move On

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Did you lose someone very dear to you today? Was the decision mutual? Or did things happen all of a sudden?

It is never easy to say good-bye, and there is no easy way to do it too. How can you expect things to come crumbling down when yesterday things were going just fine? All the happy memories that you shared together are nothing but wounds now. Pain that is comparable to being submerged into hot molten rock while lightning strikes you every second.

Breakups can take so much of you that you find it hard to get back to who you were. It’s not a headache that would go away once you take medication and get some rest. It can take months, even years before someone gets over a relationship.



On a scientific note, when you are in love, your brain secretes hormones like dopamine and oxytocin that create a chemical reaction, resulting in the inexplicable feeling of love. The brain activity when being in love is the same as being influenced by drugs.

By the time you break up, the brain automatically stops the secretion of these feel-good hormones, which will then result in your brain secreting a completely opposite hormone called cortisol or the stress hormone. Your brain is under the same stress as a drug addict inside a rehabilitation center.

Prepare yourself by doing these things beforehand.

Remember the Good Things, the Bad Ones, and the Reason You Fell Apart

Grieve All by Yourself

Forget Your Inhibitions and Be Yourself




Focus Your Energy on Productivity

Look at the Emotional Process as a Pulsating Trend and Not Just a Downhill Linear Path

Get to the Root of It All and Vanquish It



Think about the emotional benefit that your relationship gave you. What made you happy while you are in that relationship? The reason behind is usually because she saw you in a brighter perspective than how you normally see yourself. She saw your potential and your redeeming qualities, and that made you feel good about yourself.

Now that you know how she made you feel good, remember that she won’t be there anymore to do that for you, so you need to do it to yourself. Give yourself the same treatment that you got from your ex. No one can help you but yourself so pull yourself together and stand up on your own two feet. If it’s too hard to run, then you can always walk.

Is Getting Over Your Ex Truly Possible?

A Blessing or a Lesson

They say that people either come to our life as a blessing or a lesson. In this situation, it’s the latter. Once the wound has healed and the flakes have peeled off, a scar will show you the lesson from the past. Scars are like souvenirs that you never lose. They stay there forever to remind you of the mistakes that you made, the wrong turns that you took, and the regrets that made you feel miserable.

In order for the stars to shine, darkness must cover the skies first. Use the lessons to do good on your next relationship and grow as a person. Learn from it and you will certainly be spared from the traumatic experience of breaking up.

Learn when to hold on and to let go. There’s more to life than carrying all those excess baggage called negative emotions. The tunnel may be long, but once you see the light at the end of it, a new hope will rise that will make you see the world in a completely different light, a bit older and a lot wiser now.



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