Woman Demands ‘Breakup’ After Her Boyfriend Pushes Her Off Cliff in 400ft Canyon Rope Swing

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Adventurer Creighton Baird just pushed his girlfriend, Jessica Powell, off the edge of a cliff to experience a ride on a 400 feet long pendulum swing in Utah.

Before she jumped, Powell spent a whole 45 minutes convincing herself to take the leap, but she was too scared to even move. So Braid decided to take control of the moment and just nudged his partner closer to the edge and pushed her.

While she was in midair, Powell shouted, “I’m breaking up with you!”

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Baird is just one of the many adventurers who manned up to the challenge of jumping off the narrow canyon in Utah as part of the YouTube video project by Devin Graham.

After his girlfriend, Baird jumped too while shouting excitedly. He even took the opportunity to film his feat.

Well, Baird and Powell didn’t really break up that day. Jessica was even glad that her boyfriend pushed her off the cliff, becuase if he didn’t, she would have never experienced such amazing moment.

However, Devin Graham revealed later on that the two did call it quits, but it had nothing to do with Jessica getting pushed off the rope swing.

Graham uploaded the video of the breathtaking stunt on YouTube already, and it amassed millions of views after only a few days.

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