The 6 Types of Women Who Will Most Likely Cheat Behind Your Back

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There are many articles about men cheating on their partners, but now let’s acknowledge that sometimes, women cheat too. Like the stereotypical womanizer we always hear about, there are also certain types of women who are more likely to cheat.

Ruth Houston, an infidelity expert, based on 19 years of experience in relationship counseling, has given out some tips to watch out for. These are certain characteristics that are common in women who cheat. Below is the complete list.

Warning: having any of these traits mentioned does not automatically mean that a woman will cheat. People can control their urges and change their ways. These characteristics are just linked to an increased likelihood of being unfaithful.

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The Gold Digger or Materialistic Girl

You can call her the material girl. This type of woman values things or material objects over everything else. This type of woman expects a lot of gifts, so you will be spending a lot on her. Jennifer Lopez wasn’t talking about this woman when she said “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” These women tend to cheat because when you stop giving her what she wants, she will move on to the next rich guy.

The Player

Like the Barney Stinson character on How I Met Your Mother, this girl will love ’em and leave ’em. Maybe she just likes sex without commitment. If she is a player, chances are you are just one of many in a long list of boyfriends.

She’s One of the Guys

This is the type of girl who has many close guy friends that will make you jealous. You might be suspicious of the amount of time she spends with her male friends or how close she is to them. While there is nothing wrong with having male friends, you have to realize that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when you are in a relationship. Many romantic relationships start from friendship that grows to love. Unless you know her friends, you will always be suspicious of her time alone with another man.

The Clingy Woman

If you have to constantly text her and call her to validate your love, you might get tired of that quickly. You may want a break from it after a while. Attention seekers like these clingy types want all of your attention, even if you are busy working. They could easily replace you with someone who will fawn over them if they feel they are not getting enough of your time.

Miss Life-of-the-Party

If you met her at a club or party, there’s a big chance she isn’t in the mind-set to settle down to an exclusive relationship.The partying lifestyle is fun, but it promotes meeting many people and not getting tied down. She will probably choose her parties over you. If she hooked up with you after one too many drinks, what would stop her from doing that again?

The Addict

You can get addicted to many things. There are many vices that are hard to stop like alcohol, drugs, or even sex. A person addicted to any one of those is likely to cheat. When it comes to substance abuse, a person’s behavior and judgment are affected, which means that they would take more risks. People who are addicted to sex, nymphomaniacs, can’t get enough of it and need to find a way to be satisfied. Getting together with someone who’s addicted is a tough job to take on. For sure it would be chaotic from the start.

These are just some general stereotypes of the kinds of women who are likely to cheat. You shouldn’t base your next relationship on these tips, but it is nice to keep in the back of your mind when you are out and about meeting people.

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