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15 of the Best Building Designs Nominated for Arch Daily’s Building of the Year Award

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Prepare to be amazed with these stunning architecture in the entire globe that features the most impressive and innovative designs you never thought would take form in real life. Here are fifteen of the contemporary buildings that are nominated in Arch Daily’s Building of the Year Award in 2014.

1. Museum of Modern Art in Lille, France

Museum of Modern Art

Outside the university campus in Villeneuve d’Ascq is the newly renovated museum in France. It has an impressive sculpture outside and the structure is described as modern and playful.

2. Tree Snake House in Bornes de Aguiar, Portugal

Tree Snake House

Architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade created a tree house that suggests a snake gliding in the woods stilted into the trees.

3. Red Pepper House in Lamu, Kenya

Red Pepper House

The Red Pepper House in Lamu Island, Kenya, is facing the Indian Ocean under the African sun. It gives guests a Swahili experience under a gigantic makuti thatched roof which is considered as one of the most beautiful architecture in the continent.



4. Alcacer do Sal Residences in Portugal

Alcacer do Sal Residences

Designed by Aires Mateus, this building plays on proportion of grids and spaces in simple lines and color.

5. 48 North Canal Road in Singapore

48 North Canal Road

This office in Boat Quay is a reconstruction of heritage-listed shops in Singapore where the flat roof area was turned into roof garden.

6. Coach Omotesando Flagship in Tokyo, Japan

Coach Omotesando Flagship

Coach Flaship store by OMA redefines the typical Japanese wooden shelf display cases into transparent glasses boxes pile from the ground to the top.

7. Luna Apartments in Australia

Luna Apartments

This four story residential building on Barkley Street is inspired by the gold bikini of Princess Leia in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.



8. Park Royal in Singapore

Park Royal

Hotel Park Royal is another architectural adventure that you can witness in Singapore. Known as green city, the hotel is designed to hold tropical gardens in every levels of the building.

9. Two Hulls in Canada

A private house located in the coastal area caught the eyes of many designers because of its floating structure like two ships’ hulls.

10. The Blue Panet in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Blue Planet

You are not looking in a metallic dessert hills in a sea of water, you are watching a huge aquarium façade in Copenhagen by Danish studio 3XN.



11. Mercat Enchants in Barcelona, Spain

Mercat Enchants

One of Barcelona’s largest Flea Markets, Mercat Enchants is a structure with bending platforms in different levels.

12. House of the Arts in Miranda do Corvo, Portugal

House of Arts

Casa das Artes or House of the Arts is thought to be a meeting of rural and urban design built in the Lousa Mountains.

13. Sounds of Gaia in Morelos, Mexico

Sounds of Gaia

SOGA or Sounds of Gaia is a sound healing center in Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico. The building interprets sacret geometries and alignment to constellations and stars.

14. Wanangkura Satdium in South Hedland, Australia

Wanangkura Stadium

One of the newest Recreational Center in Port Hedland, Wanangkura Stadium by ARM Architecture is made of pixilated cubes that creates a rippling effect in the area.



15. Hotchkiss Biomass Power plant in Connecticut

Hotchkiss Biomass Powerplant

Centerbrook Architects and Planners boasts of its green roof structure that creates energy from woodchips.

These are just a few of the thousands of buildings that are nominated for the prestigious award. There are many more impressive designs and stunning architectures that needs to be seen by the entire world and everyone can’t wait to see more of these impressive architecture.



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