15 Wonderful Bed Ideas for a Good Night Sleep

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After a hard and long day, all you want to have good long sleep. A good sleep is what you reward yourself after working hard.

Having trouble sleeping? Lying down on your bed for hours and still you can’t sleep. You expect to be feeling refreshed after sleeping but you woke up tired and your back is aching. Or maybe you woke up and find your bed a bit dull.

Here are some magnificent bed ideas and designs to make your bed more comfortable, more interesting and at the same time help you get a long restful sleep.

The Burger Bed

The Hover Bed

The Bunch-of-Grapes Bed

The Egg Bed



The Cosmovoide Bed

Fantasy Coach Bed

Private Cloud Bed

The Quantum Sleeper Bed



The Desk Bed

The Scoop Bed

The Lomme Bed

The Sound Bed



The Balancing Bed

The BedUP

The Coffin Bed



Here are other beds you’d like to make your own:

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