20 Facts Every IPhone Users Must Know

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For all Apple fans who annually stand in long long lines for the first updated models of iPhone we present 20 curious facts about this mass miracle of modern technology.

1.  A gallon of gas is sufficient to recharge an iPhone everyday for the next 20 years.


2.  Putting your iPhone on airplane mode will prevent ads from popping up while playing games.


3.  An iPhone has survived a drop of 13,500 feet with only a cracked screen in a skydiving incident.


4. An iPhone has more computing memory than the NASA spaceship used to take man to the moon.


5.  The evolution of iPhone.




6.  You can buy about 2000 real apples for a price of one iPhone 5S.


7.  According to the findings in a research conducted by OkCupid in 2010,  iPhone users acquires more sex partners twice as much as Android and Blackberry users.


8.  A fan in Japan started waiting in line 7 months prior to the launch of iPhone 6.


9.  Most people buy a white iPhone rather than the black one.

They purchase the white one even though the black one runs smoother.


10.  iPhone is the second best selling product of all time after its release five ago.

The first one on the list is the Rubik’s Cube.




11.  Analysts say that 68% of Americans will end up owning an iPhone when the smartphone market is fully saturated.


12.  The Yellow Jacket is an iPhone case that can both be used as a charger and a taser.


13.  Dog persons are 23% more likely to use iPhone than those with other pets.

Android phone users are mostly cat lovers.


14. iPhone was secretly called “Purple” during its early stages of development.

The team for the “Purple Project” doesn’t even know what they were hired to do.


15.  The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the toughest Apple phones to be produced up to date.

They have a tendency to bend, but they won’t break easily.




16. Apple’s iPhone is worth more than all of Microsoft products.

Only one Apple’s products is more valuable than the combined costs of Windows, Office, Xbox, Bing, Windows Phone, and any other products that Microsoft has created since 1975.


17.  People who received their pre-ordered iPhone 6Plus has sold the product to eBay at $6000.00


18.  The first 10 million batch of iPhone took a year to sell, while the same amount of iPhone 6 was sold at one weekend.

New iPhone on sale

19.  For early models of iPod and iPhone, Apple was using Samsung’s processors.

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with Apple and Samsung logos as he poses with a Samsung Galaxy S4 in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of Zenica

20.  iPhones are designed to only last for few years.

Then, they break down and work slower.




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